Zion Williamson Day In The Life By Park Stories! Up Close & Personal w/ The #1 Player In High School



  1. It's no way not to like this kid. I hope he stays focused and healthy for a really long time

  2. Seeing this just makes me realize that i won't make it very far in basketball, i don't have the motivation and i don't want it as much as other people do, of course i want to but ig thats the way it is

  3. Great Kid, I can’t wait to see him shine in the NBA. I have became a fan, not only because of his skill but because of how great of a person he is.
    I’ll be rooting for you Zion!

  4. Saw a couple of his games playing for Duke looks good out there, looks natural, makes it look so easy, has good teammates,Coach, truly blessed , and humble..🏀

  5. Don't call him stepdad he's your father in my opinion
    My dad is not my biological but he's still my father

  6. Hope zion doesn’t get a career ending injury like nba players who dominated when starting their career

  7. Still shaking my head how 1k haters found a way to dislike this video. Ya’ll need some serious help!!!!

  8. Great guy he is a role model to millions I respect your game brotha stay blessed

  9. 3:09 the look in Zion eyes while watching himself ball out on his phone is absolutely hilarious I tell you. That guy really is obsessed and in love with Zion🤣🤣🤣.
    No disrespect intended at all Zion, because I absolutely love your personality and respectful grace brotha. Lakers said 👋🏽🥺🥺🥺📲 in 5 years🤣🤣🤣. 😩

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