You CAN Lose Weight in Just One Day (Up to 2 Pounds!)



  1. Obviously, Rachael does not practice what she preaches. Her enormous 50 lb. weight gain is disgusting; she looks inflated and ready to burst. To add insult to injury, whoever is her "stylist" should be fired. She wears boxy, unattractive rags from a thrift shop and she cannot navigate the boots she wears without looking like a drag queen. Someone please offer Rachael an intervention and tell her to stop eating all of the dishes she makes. She needs to go back to her original fighting weight from "30 Minute Meals" as she is very unattractive now. Also, her hair stylist needs to put more effort into adding moisture into her straw-like hair and cut into a more flattering style. In addition, Rachael is extremely rude to her guests and keeps interrupting and talking over them by trying to impress with her (lack of) knowledge. She even belittles her husband John on air. I can't imagine how she vilifies him in person.

  2. Hot water with lemon is still the best to drink. Have that first in the am. Then egg made simple, have it with a little coffee. PLEASE Watch the sodium intake too!

  3. Stop !!!!!!j just fuckeeeen stop !!!!!! Rachel you are a big ass bitch giving vulnerable people this fake hope that they can loose weight in a freken daaaaaaay

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