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  1. Watched a series of your videos for the first time – today!
    THIS video is truly a work of art.
    From the background views to your complementary clothing color choice,
    To the wind blowing your hair ~ the breeze adding an additional dimension of calmness and release. By merely watching, listening, and breathing ~ I believe I lowered my blood pressure!
    Thank You~

  2. love you guys, Juliana and Mark, been watching you from the start, and loved every video, but i'm upset with you, as you never say to warm up first, and actually, you don't have a warming up routine, i highly doubt that you are starting your routine with three legged dog as is such a deep lengthening of the whole body, please be softer with us and warn to do a warming first, or upload a warming routine, that would be sooo awesome, kind regards from South Africa!

  3. Thank you, again. Love you two. January 2020, I will be 60. I am just now getting to where you two already are, in mind, thought and letting go. I think I and most of us have it in us to live and be free. Have to make the decision to be it and live it. Thanks for scenic intros/post-workout videos.

  4. BB's you two always convey the most beautiful messages – I am so happy I clicked on your sorry not sorry vlog. although you may not be creating yoga/fitness content your messages are still there. strong. kind. sincere. &influential. if people do not have the capacity to listen to the messages..OH WELL. like attracts like – that is what's important!

  5. I just want to say I appreciate your yoga videos wearing unrevealing clothes. I like to find yoga videos for my husband and I, and so many have half naked women that even I myself feel uncomfortable watching. I like that you attract people with your yoga and not by what you wear like so many other people out there. We love working out to so many of your videos!!

  6. My only request is that you do a longer shivasana at the end and more child's poses in the practice, just so there's more time to be present and slow down throughout the practice, rather than rushing from one pose to the next.

  7. I love how you make your videos outside in a new place every time! It is so aesthetically pleasing and really helps me follow your videos.. I love the variety in choices you have for me to choose from! It makes doing yoga so much more fun every morning :).

  8. The yoga guide "Yοmzοzο Kena" (Google it) is straightforward to adhere to and then putting together the routines for sixty minutes isn`t that awful. In case you are a beginner, this brilliant guidebook is ideal for you. If you`re an instructor, this is a fantastic tool to include in your collection. Because of this program, I was able to lose fat, enhanced overall body flexibility, and also a normal blood pressure. .

  9. Incredible job in an incredible place. Your deep words take a main place in your class. Thank you so much guys ! NAMASTE from France

  10. can I just say that this location is too beautiful? Please, it was distracting it's so gorgeous!! beautiful flow too 🙂

  11. I love you guys,I love the message you two say from the heart,I personally thing that everybody to needs to hear that,espealy somebody who's really stressing and wanting to give up.i mean I dicided to lose a lot of weight last year and I don't regret it.being a lot over 300 pounds something had to chance.

  12. Thank you so much for your gorgeous videos. I am wondering if you would ever consider doing a video about wrist health – particularly stretches and strengthening exercises benefiting the wrists and forearms. I am a pianist and want to make sure I am caring for my hands/wrists while doing yoga.

  13. I just want to say Thank you! You inspire me and have helped me change my body. You made me stronger en leaner and so confident! When I started my first Yoga lesson with one of your video's I cried because it released so much stress and it's been 2 years ago now and I still love everything you come up with. Thaaank you so much! Please never stop ❤️ Lots of love from Holland.

  14. Well, Boho Is always performing at the top. This workout Is better done after a warm-up exercise…as usual lovely location!!! 👏👏👏

  15. You two are awesome. I will be 59, January 2019. With your help, inspiration and positivity, I have started the transformation from who I was, just existing, to I who I want to be. Please keep up the good work.

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