Xtreme Hip Hop with Phil : Ask Of You XT style



  1. I'm Jelly cuz I'm not there, mad cuz I can't find the step thingy, and confused cuz I don't know the steps.. Lol… but so excited and happy to see how smooth you guys make it look… great job guys

  2. Ah naw Phil, no you didn't do a steppers cut, Ask of You from Higher Learning!!!!! If I could give y'all a million 👍's up I would! Y'all be killing it everytime, how do they remember the steps???? I don't want to mess up my good foot& everythang else, LMAO😅😂😅😂 Many thanks Phil, y'all keep it comin! I'll get 1 of these days!

  3. Wow!! Great job all of you. Love this song!! Wish I can learn this type of workout. I really enjoyed the video👏👏👌

  4. Wowzers I so want to be back to level of stamina and fitness. Is there more of an instructional learn the routine video??? I feel so inspired; the grace and fluidity is beautiful.

  5. Phil you are truly gifted and called to training. The creativity in all of your sessions are absolutely amazingly fun..challenging..motivating..and they work!!!!!..weightloss and healthier life style…I FEEL Great!!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you….and Thanks to the ladies and gentlemen as well ..👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🤜🏾🤛🏾….looking forward to more!

  6. I love the new workout studio. It’s nice and fresh. Great choice of colors, even the steps coordinate with your color scheme. The routine is awesome and the music is on point with the routine. Wish you make more of these videos with the R&B music. The rap music makes the adrenaline spike (which is good) but it causes the mind to race and difficult to concentrate on the routine. Just saying. You guy’s are killing this routine. It’s smooth and makes you want to learn more routines. Great job, keep up the good work!!!!!

  7. Wow I do step every day in the privacy of my own bedroom as I’m as clumsy as heck lol. I absolutely love watching this and it has to be up there with one of the best in my opinion. The music was fantastic, had my toes a tapping and those ladies in the class were just moving with ease and grace. I could see how much they were enjoying it and was more like a dance then an aerobic workout. Love, love, love this. ❤️👍🇬🇧🌸💃🌼

  8. Great work ladies and Phil!!! This is a nice, slow tempo beat that I might be able to complete without tripping over my step 😂

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