World's Strongest Man Try a Power Twister



  1. Hello again, was Haftor surprised you can close the 110 kg Itta at only 90 kg bw , he is a 195 kg behemoth?

  2. Hafthor or Shaw should try Haoying gold 110kg+ ITTA 110 is too easy for them.

  3. I think 110kg gold he couldn't move 2cm on first try. World of difference from chinese steel fake 110… Just a 100kg twister.

  4. Bjorn, thanks for the video. Where did you hide your 120 kg gold on that day? Or 110 kg gold? 100 kg and 110 kg gray or black are for us regular folks. He's got enough power to try 110 kg gold or even 120 kg gold.

  5. This shows how heavy this twister is to bend… if even such a very big guy must make an effort to close this spring. Maybe he can close the Haoying 150 with specialized training. I am pretty sure he could, but again, look at his size… I guess 2 m and 150 – 160 kg.

  6. Thank you very much for the video. I hope other super strong guys also try the power twister. Btw are you about 178 cm tall? Have a great day

  7. Very nice. But 100% he cant bend a 120 kg if he tries for first time. Probably he can bend 110 kg spring about 10 times maybe

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