Workout for Abs and Core: HARDER Reverse Crunches (Part 2)



  1. Very thankful for these. I enjoyed doing the one legged squats also handstands and one foot calf raises, since these seem to train balance. Any exercises that both buipd muscle and helps me train my body coordination and getting a musculature for finer movement is appreciated.

    Again thank you

  2. Thanks, Antranik! I'm gonna see if I test this in my accessory exercises, seems like it'd help a lot with the Dragon Flag, and core strength is definitely something I want!

  3. I really liked the video, thank you for uploading this. My only issue is that at the end, the dog leaves and it made the video less good. Thank you.

  4. And the dog is thinking geeze, do I have to sit here for the whole video He's a good boy, though.

  5. I love these exercises. I would definitely like to see similar videos that works the lower back using minimal to no equipment like this one.
    Are you using a new camera because the videos are looking very crisp and sharp?

  6. Good video as always. One suggestion is to talk about which muscle group each of the progression works on. Also can you please show us how to do neck flexibility training? Thanks!

  7. Thanks for this. I tried it and the last variation (hands free legs straight) is really challenging, but the previous one is easy. Good that there is more for me to practice here! Thanks, Antranik!

  8. You mean you can make this harder!? (Lol, I'm joking, let's go for it!.. I probably just won't use it for a while… I'll watch it, but probably won't use it)

  9. Love this exercise. Love the burn I get and the isolation of the abs. Mixing these with situps and planks. Your videos are great!

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