1. Only gina and ronda.. 2 beautiful fighters.. Others are ugly bitch

  2. New fan alert!! 🚨🚨 I've been binging on your channel for a good majority of the day. Much appreciated! 👏

  3. If it were not for women like Gina Carano, and now the younger generation would never have watched a bout of MMA, but they are not only an example of a technique, are an inspiration to women where now is not fashionable to be thin sick, if not athletic, strong and healthy.

  4. Big fan of women's MMA! It was hard finding women's MMA back then on TV only one was showing, women's MMA was Strikeforce but that was on showtime! that's when I saw Gina Carano, she was good! Then Bellator came along started showing women's MMA, then I saw Ronda Rousey coming up from Strikeforce, thank God for Rousey changing Dana White's mind, putting women's MMA in the UFC.

  5. Good to see Carano getting some much deserved recognition! Dope video btw👏

  6. Can you make another video where it’s just where this one begins? Like I like this video a lot but would also like one without all the talking at first.

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