Wiz Khalifa MMA Training and Strength Workout 2018



  1. Yeah he does Muay Thai his trainer is a Muay Thai champion saenchai so he can kick ass and that's a good thing too

  2. Mad respect for the transformation. But bruh … at 0:30 …. that is not a squat. You are not going deep enough. How does your team let you get away with that without ridicule???

  3. I wanna take him on for fun lol. I think tho he gets a lot of criticism because looking at his movements, he's just too slow and doesn't have that much power. But what can I say he just started. The only issue I see is that he's just taking private lessons and I don't really think u can get good that way. You have to have a variety of opponents cus not all of them will be the same. That and I doubt Wiz is gana stay in. I'd also really have to see him compete, I just have a very high doubt in celebrities gone fighters, why? Because they don't compete for the most part. Like at least with the guy from Fast & The Furious there is video of him competing in Brown Belt level, Ashton Kutcher is a bit on the doubtful side but he does have a record of Wrestling so I guess I can believe it. Ed O'Neil man, it doesn't get as more real than him!

  4. This is not MMA for god sake, this is kickboxing/K1 (with small elements of muay thai)

  5. WTF haha yeah boi, don't understand how your stoned though putting in work but can't reep the full benefits ?

  6. wiz can be better if he gives marry Jane a break. he's awesome regardless! he don't really need a trainer but it helps.

  7. Didnt know this guy worked out! Glad to see it, just hope he goes a little lower in squats. ( Maybe it just looks high cause of how tall he is)lol

  8. Idk what none of y’all say lmao gaaaaaayyyyy. If you already know what I’m saying before this sentence the shorts are gay.????????

  9. That was a half a squat needs to learn proper technique knees and elbows were terrible and he doesnt chamber his kicks at all who the fuck is teaching him he needs to go somewhere where they will not teach bad habits its a lot harder to unlearn bad form

  10. In due time my young grasshoppa.. you will be day to nyt n nyt to deh.. and become.. " BLACK-N-YELLOW,BLACK-N-YELLOW!" ?????????????

  11. Looks like he knows something. Doesn't look awkward like most of entertainers I see that train

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