Why you should do Intermittent Fasting | Joe Rogan feat. GSP, Dr. Peter Attia, Dr. Rhonda Patrick



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  2. My question is doesn't it slow your metabolism? I've always fasted just after my weight lose because I'm rarely ever in the mood to eat.. I've lost interest in food and now that I'm at the gym a lot I have a really hard time putting on mass. I use protein shakes as much as possible but doesn't see. To be helping.

  3. Intermittent fasting is the most legit way to get in shape and gain strength. I used to go 24 hours then 2 days on my "diet" which was eat whatever the fuck I want for the most part then 48 hours fasting then eat whatever for a day then 24 hours fasting. Switch it up every week (1 day off 3 days eating etc) after I while I got to 72 hours fasting. I miss that lifestyle I was beastmode 24 hours a day.

  4. when people said one meal a day but they still have a snack in the morning and night as well. fasting is 0 calorias > while fasting right?

  5. Intermittent fasting will help your body to eat the dead cells will bring longevity to the body. Received Nobel prize for physiology for research in this area.

  6. So we are trying to follow the eating habits of our ancestors? These are the same ones that had a 25 year life expectancy right?

  7. At 5:00 in, Rogan needs to do a better job distinguishing between complex and simple carbohydrates. Don't lump all carbs into same basket. That is not just bad science; it is not even science.

  8. Our ancestors eat a lot of carbs than meat, and they're more healthier compared to my generations today. Today we can have a lot of access to meat, we can buy it anywhere here, but the health condition is way worse than ever. Carbs and vegetable is healthier than meat and carbs imo.

  9. I have black coffee on my fast, sorry lady it’s fine. I’m burn more calories breathing than in coffee

  10. Rhonda Patrick is like the Grinch man.. Herbal tea and black coffee trigger enzymes, blah, blah, blah.. Yeah but they don't spike insulin so you'll still burn fat Dr. Grinch lady 😐

  11. I started in August 2019. Slowly dropped 22 pounds. I feel like my stomach has shrunk and my metabolism still feels good.

  12. My neighbor died @ 99 years of age and man did she only eat frozen foods like the shit that banquet or Swanson sales.
    She was never grumpy either
    Vary sweet, R.I.P Ms. Frances

  13. Joe Rogan I've started the intermediate fasting program using the Zero app. friendly. I cant wait to share my results. Taking my before pic tonight

  14. Joe "You're eating breakfast in the morning before you go to work, unless you're not" Rogan. lmao

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