Why You Can't Lose Weight Long Term – The Rice Cake Mindset



  1. I love your videos u have literally changed my husband and my life. Down 31lbs total. A great video game is rocket league my plays that everyday.

  2. That's a good (almost?) wife Megha, doing stuff for the hubbs even when you dont wanna. He was so excited Lol

  3. Oof, I feel convicted. I tried keto for about a month last year, and I’ve been keto since the new year. However, I’ve definitely had the “if it fits my macros” mindset without focusing on nutrition. I’m for sure not eating enough leafy greens and nutrient-dense foods. Been leaning toward easy processed stuff too much too… The hardest part for me is the time it takes to cook. But it’s so easy to grab a bag of pepperoni and pork rinds, lol

  4. I dont know what im doing but if I eat that amount of food I gain weight, I just cant figure this out I have done low carb all my adult life you think I would be a pro, but now in my 60's I just cant loose anymore DARN IT! and I need to loses at lest 15 pounds. is there a plateau keto diet plan?

  5. Just stumbled upon u guys! This video is great. Looking to start keto after I have my baby. Currently pregnant so getting as much knowledge as possible. Will be checking out more videos. Thanks for the information!

  6. Game recs – Vain Glory and ARena of Valor. Both are MoBA and Vainglory is HARD…AOV is relatively easier and both are hugely addictive

  7. So you guys. You send out emails of your latest recipe and call it “guilt free.” That is rice cake mentality right there.

  8. I hate it but this is kind of easy for them to say. Neither one of them have ever been fat so of course they can go on about people's struggles. It comes off as condescending TBH

  9. Hey!! Y’all have mentioned following the Juggernaut Method. Where do you find the accessory exercises?

  10. I was eating 3meals and 3 snacks so 6 times a day when i look back i think its crazy before keto now have 3 meal and 1 snack and dont eat past 7 and feel so mych better

  11. You guys look like you could use some little foldable tables when you’re eating in the living room.

  12. Hey Matt, if you're trying for something different in a video game, check out Don't Starve. It's an indie game where you essentially have to hunt and gather your own food and build shelter and try not to die, but the pace is super casual. Somehow, it feels like it would be right up your alley, lol.

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