Why Losing Weight SUCKS (Losing 40 lbs)



  1. "grab yourself some tea, it will help you decompose" I know this was an honest mistake but I'm cracking up picturing a dead body drinking tea to help it decompose

  2. I have lost 100lbs for mobility and fertility reasons and it has been a rollercoaster. People commenting on my body has been the strangest feeling, people talk about it in my life…a lot. Like a whole lot because the difference is huge. I have never been so hyper aware of my body and sometimes I really miss being super ambivalent about it. The craziest side effect was I have lost 2 shoe sizes. Having to constantly deal with ill fitting clothing and totally hating clothes in general has been a serious struggle. It sucks too because my whole family is fat and they want to lose weight but cant get to that place mentally yet, so I feel like talking about my struggles with them is shitty. Weightloss sucks.

  3. Thank you for talking about this Kat.
    I have been big my whole life, and even as a child adults felt the need to say some pretty shitty things about my weight.
    In the past, I have tried potentially dangerous (okay, just dangerous) methods to lose weight. I was able to pull myself out of them before it was too late, and got too serious.
    I've very recently gotten to the point where I love myself at my size, and I'm willing to try more activities and dietary changes. I really want to get back into swimming. I loved it as a teenager and it kept me at a decent weight. I miss it so much and I want to get back into it again.
    And I agree you on wanting to be remembered for the quality of my work, and not how good I look or measured by how well I reach the contemporary standards of beauty.

  4. I ended up losing weight because my body wasn't letting me eat without getting ill, and I lost it quite fast. Everyone kept complimenting me, telling me how healthy I looked. I didn't know how to absorb that information, considering I was quite literally starving the fat off my body. Now I'm eating again but I still find myself on my darker days wishing I was sick again so I could lose more. I'm investing a lot into dressing up to enjoy my body as it is, but I still struggle with my size and how drastically it can change in a few hours with bloating. I now am a lot more hesitant on complimenting people for losing/gaining weight, unless they tell me they've been actively trying to.

  5. I've lost weight recently, but I don't know how, people just started asking me if I had lost weight. I don't typically weigh myself but I had to as part of seeing a doctor for HRT and my weight was lower than I remember it being when I was a teenager, and I look heavier in photos from a few years ago. That's the only real confirmation I have that I lost any. I couldn't tell you how much I lost.

    It's weird, at the time I didn't notice anything I disliked about my appearance, but when I look back at the photos of myself when I was a bit heavier I don't like how my face looks, and I prefer how I look in photographs now.

  6. Hey just so you know, it sounds like you were passing out because you weren't getting enough sodium, which is essential on the ketogenic diet. You NEED sodium and potassium to function normally on keto, or else you get headaches and pass out. Not that that means you should go back on it, just giving some insight as to why it might have happened.

  7. Kat you are not alone with the doomsday prep log in the back of your head! Get it gurl lol.

  8. It is hard to cut out grains and meat. What I try to do is reduce the amount of grains I eat as for meat I still eat as much of it as I want.

  9. I’ve been so busy and not being able to watch ur videos as they roll out. I’m trying to catch up,just wanted to thank u for sharing ur experience we usually only see weight loss in a very “after” and “better” version of oneself (which it can be) but most people don’t mention how difficult it is to navigate the world when all you have known is being big.

  10. I've had the reverse experience. I'm used to being relatively thin and now that I'm loving myself, resting, enjoying my body, etc. I'm gaining weight. I had no problem being a bigger person, but it's frustrating having to continuously buy new clothes because the old ones don't fit anymore. I'll probably start working out to maintain a consistent weight

  11. Okay I never thought someone would validate me being the person who never used to notice when I'd gain weight and I was never really insecure and now that I've lost weight I notice the changes and I am a bit insecure about it

  12. I'm working out and I've always eaten healthy so I always wonder why other people can't do the same thing. I'm not doing anything unhealthy like starving myself or exercising excessively. In fact it makes me feel really good. I dont do it to look a certain way. I do it because it feels good. Is such a way of thinking bad?

  13. I tried Keto last year for a month and felt like shit. Recently went plant-based though and it's honestly the best thing I've ever done. Losing weight though has been weird because sometimes I see it and sometimes I don't but the fact that my clothes fit different tells me something's changing. Which I'm happy about. I'm making an effort though to love myself as I am now which is easier some days more than others. I'm definitely better than I was, but the struggle is very real.

  14. Could you please do a video on how to know if someone cares for YOU and not your appearance when dating/relationships. Like would they stay with me if I gained weight or lost my teeth?

  15. teavana’s earl grey créme is crazy good, especially if you mix in a little bit of strawberry tea with it. i used to drink that every morning before school

  16. Great video! I related a lot to the looking back at when people said you were fat and realizing how much thinner you were, it was great to hear all of the good and bad with your experience as well 🙂 also id recommend maybe trying out tailoring for your clothes? Its actually more reasonably priced than most people think it is 👌

  17. HONESTLY this was so relatable. When I started working out for me I saw so much more change. Though after I lost weight I definitely saw myself asking why people are not doing what I am doing. Also having clothes being weird cause I’m tall so finding clothes was hard. Sometimes it is still hard cause I don’t know my real size. I felt like I look more “desirable” but that made my skin crawl. Cause it wasn’t for people on why I lost weight. I lost weight for me. This was so really relatable. Thank you so much for speaking on weight loss. It’s so weird cause I love my body and accept it. Though when the focus switched it became weird.

  18. My experience echos some of yours. I can tell when I’m getting to what some deem as an acceptable size because I get more catcalls from guys. I get more likes on IG etc.

    But I realized my unhealthy relationship to getting to a smaller size was rooted in understanding that acceptance was something I needed to find in someone else.

    It made sense I would think that way because of my fucked up childhood etc.

    Now I am at the biggest size I’ve ever been and I actually like who I am. It’s not that my size made that change but I worked to have a deep sense of self love at any size.

    I’ve done the majors weight loss thing and I WAS STILL UNHAPPY I was stressed as fuck trying to figure out how the fuck I was going to stay that unnaturally skinny ass size. 😂😂

    Now, I flow. The only thing I’m missing is rigorous exercise. But I eat healthily, I walk, I do it all. But folks see a size and have an ingrained belief about what it means to be larger (lazy, etc.)

    Every body is different, I was raw fucking began and gained hella weight!!!! There were times when I was eating Cheetos and shot and losing weight!

    The body is weird and should be honored for the individual thing it is! Not compared to a Eurocentric beauty standard, a community standard. Only
    To itself.

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