Why I Bought a Crossfit Bike for Cardio



  1. Since not many people read the description, these older bikes were used for rehab purposes mostly, but Crossfit has popularized them once again. I also realize the seat is too low in the first clip. It was the first time I sat on it so it was at the previous owners height. I raised the seat right after, as you can see in the talking portion of the video.

  2. You might want to put plastic over the exposed fiberglass in the ceiling if you're going to be using that on a regular basis.

  3. im still trying to figure out why buy this over just a plain stationary bike? is the hand movements doing that much more? im just curious? thanks!

  4. I laughed when you said you bought the bike from an older gentleman even older than you. Stop talking like you are 70. You are not old!

  5. I jacked up my hip running and needed a way to add a decent amount of cardio to fill the void. For whatever reason, between battle ropes and the AD6 I bought, my hip healed in record time. These are amazing alternate cardio methods if you can't run… and even if you can run, these burn more calories faster and the results are way better…I stick by the heavy bag, battle ropes and the air bikes.

  6. What is the music at the end?
    I'm not sure you're going to notice my coment, but please, i appreciate

  7. I had a Schwinn of a similar age, after a few months of thirty minute sessions small ball bearings started flinging out of the drive system causing the pedaling motion to get real coarse. Got a Rogue Echo Bike which made the old Schwinn seem like a kid's toy.

  8. just put my air assault bike together. put my wife on it and made her do 20 second work and 10 second rest cycles for 4 minutes. laughed at her because she was gonna puke. then I tried….stopped laughing really fast.

  9. We used them a lot in wrestling to loose weight. I have two Airdynes in my garage I paid 50 and 25$ for. Also, buy a better seat. The original seats were terrible!

  10. can you still use this for longer slow cardio, not just interval? so long as you don't go that hard?

  11. I am disabled and I can't run or walk for long periods of time, so I just bought one for less than a $100 dollars. I got it on Black Friday from walmart and I also own a rowing machine. The rowing machine has been great but I want to burn more fat and also, simulate walking, since I can't walk for long periods of time this bike will help with motion and resistance while keeping my butt in the seat and taking the load of my legs. So, I am ready to continue my way to health. I smoke and I have been feeling breathing better and smoking less also. No diet, no nothing just the desire to make some changes in my life. I am not getting any younger. So, let's see.

  12. Looked up benefits of assault bike and this popped up….
    Must be faith….
    I'd leave the colour as well probably hold the value of it better..

  13. Brandon have you had a chance to use the Rogue Echo? Just wondering if you had any comments. I know it’s a steep price tag comparatively.

  14. Dude, the seat needs to be much higher! In order to get full use your leg should be just stretching when the pedals at the bottom….it'll be much better !

  15. you are 100% wrong in your statement "used for rehab purposes mostly". I have been a kickboxer before Bruce Lee's death and have been using this bike, as virtually ALL Boxers and mixed martial artists have done forever, for over 30 years. This machine is THE machine for all fighters – we don't f around with weak equipment.

  16. I'm in the same boat. I'm just not ready to spend 700+, when I can get something decent for 100-200 online.

  17. I bought the gold one for $50 off Craigslist years back. The best piece of cardio equipment Ive owned

  18. I just bought the exact same one a few days ago for 100. I didn't want to drop 600+ for a fancy one that i might not even commit to using. So far I used it once and it got my whole body sore

  19. You should consider raising the seat. Your legs are bent too much to get maximum power out of them.

  20. I love my echo bike, but my brother got a pristine airdyne for like $100. Now I can add you to the list of guys I'm jealous of, too. $100 for a piece of equipment like this is a fantastic bargain. That's $650 that you saved and can use for a couple new barbells or something. I'm jealous, TBH.

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