Why Exercise Is Hard



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  2. You have totally underestimated my level of activity. While watching this video, I wasn't sitting or standing. I was in fact, lying down in my bed.

  3. I am actually watching thid doing kegel exercise (improves hump movement)…. If exercise is boring why can't sex be the answer? Let svall have fun!

  4. Are you serious? Don't mean to nag, I'm sure it took effort to make this video!

    But, are you misinformed or misleading?

    This is the first time in history that any animal has been lazy except for the beasts, like lions. We have never been even close to that level.

    The real reason we are lazy now is, (drum roll) we have it to easy!
    Most human's don't have to work hard.
    We go to the butcher to get meat, other's do our work!

    If we do not work hard, our body gets soft. Lazy ppl don't hunt. Simple as that

    You will make the Ppl that watch this channel SICK!!
    Please don't listen to this backwards info

  5. Hold up a second
    Do you expect us to believe that the lazy ppl were the ones that did the hard labor!? Highly unlikely
    Just Because they kept themselves healthy, doesn't mean they ran on empty all the time. Sleep counters that.
    You really have that back to front!
    Lazy ppl run on emty

    I guarantee that if a lazy person & a healthy person went out to do an active job, it would be the healthy person to complete it. Not the lazy person.
    No one would go out hunting after a hectic workout. Exercise happens during free time. You would be silly to drain your energy before something important like food for survival.

    Please stop making silly comments if you expect us to watch

  6. 2:54

    Me: *runs out my house and walks all over my front lawn for a minute

    Every neighbors in my neighborhood: *looks at me suspiciously

  7. Government wont let me have a garden.
    And what part don't you get that humans are lazy there's just going to be a lot more traffic, but I'm pretty sure strong men will be able to have a business giving people piggyback rides.

  8. Speak for yourself, MinuteEarth! I go to the gym daily and am watching the video just 2 hours after gym

  9. Tbh I see exercises like lifting weights (not sports as they can reduce stress) as a waste of time.
    Why be lifting weights when you could be carrying crates & boxes and be paid for doing it.

  10. Maybe its because some of us just want to die🤷‍♂️ because some of us work 40 hours+ a week for just enough money to barely afford the bill's we don't have time to enjoy our lives let alone work out unless that's how you enjoy life. Not to mention the money we do have that doesn't go to bill's has to go to basic needs plain and simple not everyone can be what they want to be in life otherwise who would do all the shit jobs no one wants to do.

  11. The pivot-point of the argument here is that 01:22 "it’s likely that our ancestors […] had genes that promoted taking it easy that got passed along" and that is supposed to cause present people to be more likely of "taking it easy" too.

    But the ancestors couldn't and didn't take it easy to begin with, as the video itself points out: 00:57 . They had to be and were physically more active in order to survive. This isn't a necessity today and therefore not as present anymore with for example office jobs!

    Therefore a lack of physical activity and better health associated with it today seems to have less to do with a lack of hypothetical 01:06 "pointless physical activity" of the ancestors AFTER they have already been physically active for survival. They needed to be physically active to survive in the first place. That is no longer our mode of survival.

    Conclusion: We likely didn't inherit genes of "taking it easy", because there is probably no way that they would have been incentivized in the first place, we take it easy because our circumstances today allow for it!

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