What's The Tea On Women's Best? | Protein, Snacks + Supplements



  1. Whew chiiile! I thought I was the only one that felt that way about vanilla protein supplements! 😄😄 Even when you add fruit and sweetener, the chalkiness still comes through. Give me chocolate all day long

  2. Thanks for the video sis, just what I need to start loosing this baby weight!

  3. Cookies and chips are meant to be fun. Hopefully healthy, but it needs to be fun. Other than that definitely a hard pass.

  4. Hmmmm never heard of this company and I’m on instagram a lot lol but I get more natural hair care ads because that’s what I follow. But ima have to pass on this my gag is too sensitive for this lol I tried to stomach a smoothie I can’t. The moment it hits my mouth and the back of my throat that’s a wrap it’s not reaching my stomach, can’t do the texture Nd taste at all. That’s why I use protein powders to make them into pancakes or waffles or muffin. That’s way I can use honey or syrup to kind of stomach them

  5. Strawberries go well with the vanilla protein powder. You can blend up some frozen strawberries with your milk and powder (add half a banana if you're fussed about the texture) and it's pretty decent.

  6. I’ll look into this, I want to gain weight but I definitely need to do more research, thanks for sharing!

  7. Just a friendly note, if you eat meat and you're not a professional athlete, you probably eat more than enough protein and a lot of these protein based products could be a waste of money!

  8. Be careful with consuming protein drinks or powders and make sure you check up with your doctor. I recently found out a woman who passed away because of protein powder and she was athletic and she was perfectly fine. She died because of the protein was not digesting properly in her body. It’s on google.

  9. I have no idea what this is or who those people you mentioned are but I support you so I’m watching this video. Thx for sharing.

    Oh this was interesting thx for keeping us informed. The protein shake portion was good info to know. Lol on cacka cacka lol 😂

  10. Oh my gosh. I purchased their slim body shake, multi vitamin, and they sent me some free snacks – chips and snack bars. Personally, it was not a good experience. The shake smells and taste like baby food. And nothing adds well with it. I added bananas and other frozen fruit and it was still gross. The chips taste like barely seasoned cardboard. I was like who even eat these things? They are nasty. Only the snack bars were a little good. I take the multi vitamin but I will not buy it again because it is a two a day (lunch and dinner) and I prefer a one a day multivitamin.

  11. What were your gains? Like the review was based on the flavors but how is this brand different than going to a GNC and getting protein. Just curious as I am weary of influencer endorsed brands. Would have appreciated quantitative pieces of evidence.

  12. I’ve never heard of this company before and I’m always on IG. I guess I’m not in their target market lol

  13. Totally off topic but…do you have an updated hair routine? I saw your 2016 hair video and I was wondering if anything changed since then. Also what’s your ab routine? I got a small pudge I’m trying to get rid of.

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