WHAT'S HAPPENING TO ME! Pregnant & Fit VLOG // Christmas Decorating!



  1. Literally love your channel so much. I'm 31 weeks pregnant and you've inspired me so much to look after my body. Going to join a bootcamp once babies born and vlog that process. In my last pregnancy i felt so gross after baby was born so this time I feel it will be different since I've been walking and only eating whole foods since 28 weeks 💕💕

  2. such a good idea just making little bowls with whatever you have in the fridge. i always feel like i need to go back to the store every five seconds lol

  3. So wonderful how Kurt is so supportive and caring and compassionate and saying how she needs her sleep *bless*!!

  4. I know this is an older video , but I felt like commenting and this is the video I’m watching 😂. I honestly just want to thank you as your videos are currently helping me get through a miscarriage that I had a week ago and has motivated me to get back into the gym and eating healthy and clean so when we get pregnant again , I know for 100% I am doing everything healthy for the baby and for myself . Keep doing these videos ❤️👍🏻 congrats on little fox ocean btw x

  5. I always had thought of pregnancy and how it can turn ur body and also thought that I cant be fit and pregnant at the same time , bc of our general culture about pregnancy and fitness in my country,women there believe that pregnancy could make u lose ur fitness and ur body also they think that the mother can never be fit like she was before ….but they’re wrong , I was watching all ur fitness videos and ur labor video,and u gave me hope to be fit in anytime in any age in any case❤️❤️
    I’m so glad to found ur channel
    And sorry for my bad English ❤️

  6. I've always dreamed of being an active couple the type to box together and just work out together!!!!! But I don't know where to start I don't have the energy ever and I know in my head if I just get the heck up and start anywhere it will be better than nothing so I live watching her videos!!!!!!!!!!!!! It inspires me

  7. I seriously adore Kurt's encouragement. My fiance jokingly says "move faster ya bum" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA goals

  8. Sarah. I love your vlogs. Im a Saffa (South African) and I feel an immense amount of admiration for you! Thank you for shring your life and being so vulnerable. I want to be a mum so badly, I havent found the right man yet but you keep me positive, not only in the mum sense but also learning how to care and nourish my body. Thank you for being an INSPIRATION. Lots of love to you, Kurt and the lil bubs!!!!! <3

  9. is it weird that i am loving the pregnant workout with the one where you have a relationship with… i cannot picture myself and my boyfriend doying this without me being pregnant 😛
    props to you guys

  10. you should video teaching kurt your regular recipes! I would love to watch and learn some go-to recipes 🙂

  11. I have to say this–Has your Dr. seen your workout and cleared it? I'm a nurse and it seems like you're doing a little too much. Anyway just MY concern for you and your little one.

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