What to Wear While Visiting London (Women + Men)



  1. On my last trip in October 2018, I dressed "business casual"-long-sleeved dress shirts, black cotton slacks, and black leather shoes with comfort soles made by Nunn Bush.

    For additional layers, I wore a fleece zip-up jacket (a black one I bought at my university bookstore with small university logo over the left breast made by Columbia, or a navy blue one I purchased at a museum shop south of London). As a top layer I wore either a blue Columbia rain jacket or a black macintosh I bought at Marks & Spencer. For a hat I alternated between a wool cap I also purchased at M&S, and a black ball cap with a company logo.

    I was received with various degrees of warmth by everyone I encountered, mostly because of my behavior, though my clothes certainly didn't hurt. I also had plenty of pockets to keep my belongings secure.

    The first other Americans I encountered were at Heathrow on my way home. They were at the Delta self check-in kiosks in Terminal 3. The entire family were Griswold family clones spread out all over the place around one kiosk, and were loudly complaining to each other that they couldn't figure out how to check in themselves and the several bags they had among them. Wow….

  2. Hi! I'll be going to London for the first time in March (very excited!). Do you think I could get away with wearing a light jacket, Ann Taylor loft sweater, fashionable scarf like an infinity loop one, leggings and riding boots? As long as the leggings aren't clearly athletic? I really appreciate your videos, I feel like I'm learning so much!

  3. You must take some kind of waterproof coat or jacket with hood in case of rain. Otherwise you could be pretty miserable walking around.

  4. I have a lot of shirts that are stylish in the US, but they’re bright colored and say the brand name across the front, is that bad? Also, are Adidas NMD’s considered too casual?

  5. I’m going to be in the UK in October’19. I bought sweater Hoodies to wear. I was told in October it’s a bit cold as the UK is heading into winter.

    Will the sweater Hoodies stand out? If not, is it over kill to keep warm in the month of October?

  6. You won't get judged on what you wear in London. Paris maybe but not London. There isn't another city on the entire planet with such an eclectic mix of nationalities and cultures.

  7. Don't forget brits do wear onesies….hate those things. Hope the fad is over.

    As for the shoes, it seemz the page you selected is for younger teens and adults…not middle aged people who will be walking all day.

  8. You sound very much like a British person who has learned 99% of an american accent. Is that from living in the UK? I feel like I am the type of person that would eventually adopt the accent anywhere I live, but it sounds like you are trying NOT to sound British lol. I just discovered your video, so apologies if my questions are answered in other videos on your channel (lazy american here lol)
    Aside from that, great advice! I hear so many people say that it rains all the time in the UK, but very little information on what "all the time" means.

  9. Hi! I’ll be going to London soon and am thinking about the shoe options. Do you think it would be appropriate to wear the Fila Disruptor shoe if I’m trying to not stand out? Thnks

  10. I'm going to attend a course at Imperial College, so is there something I should keep in mind specifically?

  11. Hi! We will be coming to London soon. Can you give any recommendations on where to shop for fashionable clothes on a budget and also any high end consignment clothes stores (not thrift stores!) I just started subscribing to you but I fear it's too late as we leave next week. Thank you!!!

  12. Sneakers.

    Sneakers are nice enough.

    Imma just wear white nike air max. Or my fillias.

    Also I'm a teen. So how many 17 year olds are walking around in heels and jeans al the time. Not going clubbing anyways, can't. Plus then we would've just gone to an island

  13. Is it normal to wear boots in the summertime in London? 😮

  14. So women can’t “go out” to the club without heels? That’s bogus!🙄

  15. Some other commentators are saying it does not matter what you wear when in Europe. However, It’s not looking like a tourist that is possibly an issue. It’s about looking like you are unsophisticated. That is the elephant in the room.

  16. my problem with shoes is that I need shoes as comfortable as possible and those are my Nike ones :/ I've been to London with them before and still my feet hurt but not as much as they do with other shoes so I'll be packing those again this summer…well, at least they're black and not some neon colour 😂ps. i'm not American but from Germany and a lot of people my age wear sneakers by Nike/Adidas

  17. We took your fashion advice to heart, and I must say, unless you are in an upscale and trendy area, no one notices or cares at all. The tourist spots are flooded with tourists who are largely dressed like slobs. And we saw loads of locals wearing sneakers with jeans. Loads. We did look good though.

  18. Loving your videos and guides – getting ready to head to London for 6 days on Friday. I tend to favor comfort over fashion (but never sweats or pj's in public!) – hoping I don't stand out too much in my relaxed-not-baggy jeans/chinos and dark grey Brooks running shoes and black OluKai leather moccasins, haha! Otherwise, I seem to be following your suggestions with light collared fleece, button-down shirts that can go tucked in or out and a tan blazer that goes fine with nearly anything and jeans. Can't wait – sounds like a phenomenal place to explore!!

  19. If you have your Oyster Zones 1 and 2 get on the 176 bus outside the Garrick Theatre on Charing Cross Road .. it has Penge on the front .. and stay on it for 45 minutes passing through the Elephant, Camberwell, up Denmark Hill, down Dog Kennel Hill, then up Lordship Lane to the Horniman Museum. The Horniman is worth the effort. And Sydenham Hill Woods are nearby. Same bus back to Trafalgar Square.

  20. I found comfortable walking shoes at Clark's in England…I never wear sneakers outside a gym…very tacky…I don't understand the reason for North Americans love of sneakers….running shoes etc…..

  21. I came to London summer 2017 with my teenage daughter, followed your suggestions- I got asked directions by other tourists a couple of times! It was funny. So I guess I looked local! We are coming with the whole family this summer- question: do young men (early 20s) wear shorts around town? If so what type. Older men?

  22. Planning on going to London this summer, are vans appropriate to wear because they are very comfortable or will I stand out ?

  23. Totally the most useful blog about London! Thanks for your videos, they’re kind of a ‘pocket guide’ for me👍🏻

  24. Where is that trench coat from? I am struggling to find one to combat March temps in London. I live in the US!

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