What the Metabolic Diet Is and Why It Works for Anyone



  1. If you eat egg white morning 6 afternoon 5, and night 4…. follow this diet regularly

  2. Hi can you tell me how many carbs is .2 oz I’m a little confused of exactly how many carbs to eat for the first 8 cards

  3. Best diet – everything in moderation, including moderation!

    Want pizza? Have pizza. Just not every single day!
    Exercise too!

  4. Take green leafy vegetables in abundance, protein in moderation and carbs as little as you can. Most videos about diet is trying to show the process of KETOSIS. that's it.

    Also don't forget to take good fats. Try cutting down on fast foods to only once a month.

  5. So…….it's just a keto/IF hybrid combo. She just relabeled it. There's nothing really new here. Most of use already know this stuff.

  6. Weight watchers starter pack I ended up getting food poisoning from it. Some of the meals were expired and I missed seeing the due dates on some of the packs in the box. That was my worst.

  7. 1. White semolina pasta cooked "al dente" is a slow carb, as long as you don't drown it in some store-bought sauce that contains sugar, vegetable oils, fake cheeses etc.
    2. If you eat 5x a day your insulin will be constantly high all day long because every time you eat anything – even a breath mint – you have an insulin spike.

  8. Am trying the GEM diet and lost 6 kgs for now as my doctor said i should do. And will be changing my diet soon again

  9. Right now I am going to a weight loss doctor who gives me a hunger suppressor to help with my journey. I am on a 1000 calorie diet and use myfitnesspal to log my daily consumtion to keep track…it's free and has a scanning ap inside for easy tracking, it also has search bar for foods at restaurants and keeps a memory of your logged foods for easy finds. You can always change the portions before entering for the times you eat more or less of a food. It is a great way to keep your goal. I also have a treadmill and walk 2 miles a day…I listen to Abraham Hicks videos (3 during walking) while wearing Bluetooth headphones carrying my phone to track my steps (Sprint Health). If you don't have a treadmill, join a gym and only go in for the 2 mile walk everyday. Wear your workout gear there and take a bottle if water & a hand towel with you. Be sure to sit and cool down afterwards…in your car driving is good, go home to shower the toxins you sweat out.

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