What I Ate on Keto + DDP Yoga Workout – 1/10/2018



  1. Yay!! Good job! My husband and I do DDP yoga too we stick to fat burner and energy also below the belt.

    Also some good advise if you want to get closer to God, read His Word or what I love to do it listen to it on bible.is app or E-Sword. May God Bless you!

  2. Great job lady!!! Keep up the great work! I love that your counselor is helping set goals for you. Love you videos! Would you ever consider a MN meet up??

  3. Good work on getting your workout done! Sounds like your therapy is goal oriented and I think that can be very helpful.

  4. BTW share only what you want …what you are comfortable with no matter the topic..counseling or exercise, etc. This is your channel not ours we are just passengers in your car along for your ride.

  5. I am the creeper living in that fancy neighborhood…I found an inlaw apartment and even though this house is one of the less fancy ones , the other ones all look like the one you showed.

  6. Awesome, great job! Love your reaction when you finished, like "Yes, I did it!"! I need to try that kind of yoga… more energetic than peaceful! 🙂

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