Weirdest Foods Eaten By Presidents (GAME)



  1. cheese an ketchup isnt bad.. i do it lol its like a cheese sandwhich w/o the bread. buuuut cottage cheese isnt the same thing so ew

  2. Richard Nixon was a crook but not only because of Watergate but for eating what is the most disgusting thing I could ever think of and anybody who would eat Cottage cheese and ketchup needs to go to prison

  3. Lol I love y’all! I kinda think Link gets a lil jelly of Jordan cuz no one makes Rhett laugh so much as Jordan. Link still thinks he’s funny but .. I can tell 😉. Love Jordan! I miss Jordan! More Jordan 2020!!!

  4. When y'all did the celebrity cheat foods episodes, you should've had Jordan do it like this episode.

    That being said, any episode such as this going further, should have Jordan mouthing said people.

  5. I love Jordan as a comedian and as part of the Mythical Crew, but this would have been hilariously accurate if he DIDN’T talk when he was playing Calvin Coolidge. His nickname was Silent Cal for a reason and it would have been awesome to pay tribute to that.
    But no, we got regular old Jordan. Which is great, but could have been better.

  6. I literally only know who one of those presidents were (you can't really blame me, I'm not American so I have no reason to know them) and thats Washington, who I only know because of hamilTON-

  7. You guys should do more things like these but on the mythical YouTube channel have these videos without the answers

  8. "Who would eat squirrel stew?"

    Me: "My entire graduating class at missions college." We just really wanted to try it….and it was sooooo good!!!

  9. Obama loved watermelon little fun fact. Throw another one in there he also love whoreing our our country to the highest bidder (Iran)

  10. I will not be voting as i have not for the past 6 years and im 100% sure that the electoral college still exists making the individual citizens vote LITERALLY usless

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