1. I love the tip to add 2 servings of vegetables in each meal. I've watched quite a few weight loss videos and they all say eat more veggies but some how add 2 in per meal seems more achievable

  2. The only food app you need is ATE. its the best I have a fitbit but never log my food in. I just use ATE.

  3. Hi Autumn,I have a question.
    So when you say not to do too much cardio and walk more……what kind of cardio are you referring to?
    Is doing the Elliptical,Stairmaster at the gym for 45 mins considered as too much?
    Am hoping to hear from you

  4. Thank you for taking the time to reiterate the same information in your videos really helps to reinforce the information in my brain.

  5. I wanna eat more soup because it's getting chilly outside🤣 but I dont want to consume nearly the amount of sugar I do right now.

  6. I tried to count calories – didn't ANY lose weight. I'm really hoping IF works because I am now fairly overweight (maybe considered obese?).

  7. Thank you, Autumn, for your videos. I have hormonal imbalance and obviously I overtrained.. I am a bit confused, is it ok to do intermittent fasting when you have hormonal imbalance?

  8. My thrills to take “Yamzoko Weebly” (Google it) fat loss program is at all time high. I didn`t alter my very own eating routine and also did not boost my workout level. In only a short period of 30 days, I actually lost 6 lbs. The technique has let me consumed less and getting full is quicker. .

  9. I lost 5 pounds by cutting out sugar in my coffee – total water weight. I had to change my coffee from dark roast to light roast because dark coffee is too bitter. Also, Stevia in the Raw makes me hungry and destroys my fast. Three weeks with fasting aka Dirty Keto and I've lost 6 pounds of fat total. White granulated sugar should be illegal.

  10. Curious what your thoughts are on Rx bars? I workout midday sometimes if I don’t have time for a whole breakfast I’ll do that!

  11. I have a question , can I lose weight on intermittent fasting (18-24 hours of fasting) with high carbs without counting calories or doing exercises?

  12. The day I stopped counting calories and just ate healthy whole foods was they day I saw permanent weight loss. Good information 💪🏽👍🏼

  13. Personally I have to count calories because my body never tells me when I'm satiated, only I'm hungry or I'm completely full

  14. This information that I found in the network can be very
    useful to you because I myself have gone through this without finding a
    convincing answer I can not say that it works, but I bought it to know how it
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  15. Hi I am your new prescriber. I am a vegetarian so it’s hard to get protein. I am always feeling hungry and it’s hard to stop eating. I don’t know when to stop eating. I mind will say stop eating but my mouth will not stop eating. Pls help me.

  16. Hi can you do a video on why some runners get anxiety? I thought I was the only one it’s nice to know im not.

  17. What about sugar alcohols as sweeteners, namely erythritol? From the research I’ve done, it seems like erythritol is safe, and that gas buildup is really the only side-effect. Very curious to hear your thoughts!

  18. Look, I appreciate your videos but after that thumbnail where u think u represented weight loss… I am pretty disgusted. You toned your incredibly thin frame. That’s it. Not an ounce of weight loss.


  19. Some arguments for artificial sweeteners: the studies show that the majority of consumers (drinking zero sugar/light soda) are already overweight and attempt to curve some calories by switching to the low calorie alternative. This mispresents the statistics.

    The tests run with artificial sweeteners were performed on mice given an ungodly amount, no sensible human would be able to consume the quantity (compared to body size). And animals aren't always good to compare with humans.

    Lastly; it has been accepted by the ADI (acceptable daily intake) so you can drink SEVERAL cans EVERY DAY of your life without ANY symptoms. Please watch Stephanie Buttermores video on it, Jeff Nippard (her boyfriend) also made a video on it, believe it was about wether it's safe or not.

    I am for artificial sweeteners but I understand that it can look threatening, "this new trend that gives you cancer," if it gave you cancer you wouldn't be allowed to buy it. An acception is cigarettes but that's a different story.

    Kind regards everybody ~~

  20. Love this video, new subscriber! So hard to find people that have real practical advice to apply to our lives. Do you recommend 1-2 cups cooked or uncooked veggies to meals? I guess that's technical but just wondering if we should be eating more than we think.

  21. im just afraid that i will undereat if i don’t count calories, sometimes i have to force myself to eat to get enough calories bc im scared of slowing down my metabolism.. i still lose weight and i still wanna do IF cuz it helps me burn fat easier but i wanna listen to my body as well

  22. Counting calories work for some and don’t for others. If you are doing everything you can and still not losing any weight I guarantee if you count your calories (as accurate as possible) you will see a difference within a week. Personally I lost roughly 10 pounds in one week from eating what was probably 2500-3000 calories a day to eating only 1600 a week. I mostly do it though because if I don’t I will overeat and gain weight back. Eventually I won’t have to anymore because my body will get used to the lesser eating

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