1. It's so true that eating disorders ruin relationships.. I was so obsessed with how I looked and weather I was thin enough, I avoided to go out and stayed at home all the time, bingeing uncontrollably because of previous restrictions and feeling so bad about myself thinking my will power is out of wack… I need to stop stressing over it and let it go, and stop gong to the gym so often and just chill for a couple of months

  2. I was just like you when growing up; shy, with no self-esteem and self-confidence and had no real friends. And I went red easily, to match my red hair!

  3. It would be an intresting video topic, looking into some old models who have gone through metabolic damage because of previous calorie restriction. I dont follow these skinny models but sometimes i look back on them to 'check' if they've gained weight. How do those models maintain their physique? I know some are naturally skinny, but some clearly arent and are dieting and restricting.

  4. I agree with all of your opinions except for one. Do I have to be a vegan in order to do all this?

  5. Hi, sunflower! Wow,what a beautiful video. I think our society needs you, truly. You're a beautiful pioneer to teach women to stop valuing ourselves by weight alone. It's a very hard battle, but you explore the truth, the light is found in your words. I've been struggling with "orthorexic" type of eating, and clean eating only thoughts, and feeling guilty when I eat things that aren't justified as "healthy"… I recently fell off the wagon of eating in abundance, and started to slowly restrict to healthy vegan foods. But now, I find I am obsessive and feel guilty of I have anything that isn't healthy.. I don't eat any vegan junk food at all anymore, and feel guilty when I do. The less I eat, the less I feel an appetite, I'm. 5"3 but I went from 130 lbs to about 104 lbs in a few months. I caught a bad flu, and keep telling myself that it's ok not to eat much because I have no appetitie. Id love your thoughts on the vegan youtubers who promote a plant based diet that is low fat and low calorie.. Like drinking greens and micro nutrient rich foods, rather than calorie abundance and flexible vegan eating, like Kristina. Also, what are your thoughts in the justifying for not being hungry when sick with a bad flu, cold or other illness and have no appetite, is it ok to be intuitive and not eat much, just a little etc. I struggle with depression and the depression makes recovery so overwhelming and lonely. Would love your feedback. Thanks, beautiful!Xox!

  6. Hey Alice
    I've been in self recovery for almost 9 months and have plateaued now, also got my period back.
    But i don't eat the minimums like I tried in the start but I can't so I try to eat at least 2000 calories a day. But lately i have started restricting/saving up calories again. I'm going crazy plus i know it's not normal that i can't even imagine going a couple hundred calories above 2000.
    Do you have any advice?

  7. You should really create a Twitter id or an Instagram id where people can talk to you. I think itd really help people like me

  8. Alice, thank you so much for this video. This was literally how I ended up developing an ED, and it's so good to hear someone finally say all this. I'm in recovery now and doing so much better, and your channel has been so, so helpful to me in my recovery. Truly, thank you, and please never stop making these videos 💛

  9. I watched Hannah's videos even though I knew it'll be triggering. And a day or two after the sneaky ED came back and told me to count calories because "If you lose weight you'll be healthier and being healthier is nothing wrong, it's self love".
    I did count for one day and already put in the food for the next day and then I realized… No! This is so wrong. I stopped right away. It's so scary how much this shit can influence you!
    Thanks again for a great video! ❤️

  10. I love that you didn’t target anyone in particular in this video, even if they were your inspiration (just an assumption, maybe I’m wrong 😬)

  11. No offense but the only way to lose weight is caloric restricition… That's a scientific fact

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