1. I was listening to your concerns and the scale only tells how much you weigh but if you lose weight that will be more than likely fat but if you still weigh the same then that just indicates that you have gained some muscle so we cant really go by the scale especially if you are eating right. Keep going you are doing excellent!!!!

  2. I agree HelloVsg2016, that chair fit class looked so fun. Can you give more information on that? I would like to know if there it is online or a class in my area.

  3. My problem.was the snacks that I was eating at work. Watch your snacks and portion control meals.

  4. Love your honesty. You convinced me. I'm starting April 16. 2018. I'm totally out of shape but I got to start somewhere.

  5. Last comment (lol)…the physical trainer said that for a person our size, we need to incorporate more cardio and strength training to lose the weight…also, walking helps to tone the body as we are losing weight and help the heart & lungs.

    Also, stretch before and after the workout (I did yoga stretches, balance poses, arm/neck circle rotations, shoulder shrugs, side/oblique stretches (on floor with a men's tie or exercise cord)…as well as back and full body standing stretches…which all loosen those body areas and get them more warmed up or relaxed to prevent injury and stretch out tense muscles/joints.

    You are doing well with your plans to alternate your workouts with those other types of exercises. The trainer advised not to exercise the same parts days in a row (legs/arms one day while crunch/core exercises another day). Hope you can use some of these tips. Good luck! You are doing great!!!

  6. W.W. coach also advised planning out your meals so fast food isn't so tempting; blending up veggies you don't like into something you do like (into a rice or another veggies you do like) – another way of "tricking" yourself into eating more veggies. She recognized what was a "red light" item for her – like margaritas & salsa/chips – so she only had them on her birthday each year (and as much as she liked that day). She didn't do fat free/sugar free dressings/sauces because she felt you overeat/pile on more because of the "fat free" label; instead, she had the full-calorie dressing but she put a serving to the side of the plate & drizzled the dressing onto her salad with a fork (every bite still had dressing & she didn't drown her salad with too much dressing; plus she could still eat her regular-calorie dressing that way…not depriving herself). She said if you are gonna eat, make sure it is a "10" that you are putting in your mouth/using your calories or points upon (eat the Ghiradelli/Godiva/Lundy chocolate…not the Hershey's& eat a piece of pie/cake from a really nice bakery or one that Aunt/Grandma homemade…not the regular grocery store or frozen item). You choose "quality/worthy of a 10" item if you are going to eat it. Hope these tips help.

  7. Your journey is very inspirational and encouraging. I, too, am going to start back into the fitness & healthier eating. From my time before with Weight Watchers & with working out with a trainer for a couple of months, I learned that even food tracking half of the week made me accountable and aware of what I was eating, that I wasn't drinking much water, etc. My WW coach advised to only weigh once a week in order to keep encouraged; she said some days you have water weight, may put on muscle weight instead of fat, and other times, your body may change but not show up as pounds on a scale (may be body shifting/even out elsewhere and clothes may fit looser). She advised if you have a poor day at eating, tracking, or exercising, just physically write down "ugh" or cross out that date on your calendar (for you can begin anew the next day). She equated it to "if you are starting to fall down a set of stairs, you catch yourself and stop yourself from falling down the rest of the way; same with weight loss…you don't throw away your progress…just catch yourself and begin anew."

  8. I hope you are continuing to do well with the challenge. That chair class looks awesome! I'm glad the scale is going down

  9. Thank you for your transparency. I got bypassed 6/28/16 Highest weight was 370. Surgery weight was 326. Current weight is 215. My Birthday is next Friday. I am trying to be in the onerland. I'm planning on swimming, jump roping and cross fitting this goal. 199.8 Thank you again for your truth. Happy Valentine's day

  10. Yassss you better work it out!! I was about to say how can you work out with those glasses on.. it got real when them glasses come off ? you look slimmer all in your face girl alright now keep me motivated!

  11. I hope your day gets better. Remember this is daily struggle. I'm going through the same thing. You got this and keep motivating us.

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