Walmart Grocery Haul | Weight Watchers Freestyle Program | July 22, 2018



  1. Congrats on your weight loss beautiful. I’m so happy for you. I’m not on weight watchers, but the keto diet. I’ve lost a lot just in my first week. I don’t weigh myself I just take pics and look at my body in the mirror plus my husband tells me every day how much I’m losing. May need to invest in a scale, but I don’t want to get obsessed like some people do. Great video.?

  2. hey girl I love all the tots and I love freestyle I actually did it through itrackbites and I've lost over 24 lbs since Jan 31 and way under goal weight now I wasn't overweight when I started but wanted to lose some. I'm still following although I'm underweight now so I'm adding healthy fats. I'm trying to do a lower carb plan but it's hard lol so I just do lower good carbs only cause carbs makes me more hungry lol. good luck on your journey if you want any good snacks I know plenty that are low in points and good I order alot of things online but I have found low point chocolates chocorite so good sweet nothings taste like pecan delights 30 calories no sugar low carbs no sugar alcohol .They are delicious. they also have yummy protein bars and snack protein bars. I love quest for breakfast too a protein bar fills me up so I can do my workout .enlightened ice cream too I love the movie theater butter flavor so good

  3. Hi Layla, just came across your channel. I’ve been on WW since October and lost 64lbs. so far. I will be watching more of your videos. Tfs

  4. Hey la la hru tfs your grocery haul!I picked up 2 of vegetable,medley steamers yesterday.I will look for the stir fry mix next time.I got some sugar free fudgecicles for dessert.Some cold brew coffee & great value sugar free French vanilla creamer to go with that.Do you use low-fat cheese or just regular?Just curious.I've been using regular.thanks cuz I like getting ideas for healthy meals.ttys.

  5. Hi LaLa!! That rain we had was nasty!! I was at my Mom's for lunch when it started pouring, that let up for a bit, and then the REAL monsoon hit, all that wind and heavy rain!!! My husband is a diabetic, and he likes to use that whole grain pasta when he wants spaghetti, or pasta salad, etc. He says it metabolizes more slowly, so less of a blood sugar spike. You are doing so great with WW, keep it up!!! (((Hugs)))???

  6. Tyfs…I’m not on weight watchers but I am trying to start eating healthier because I’m having a lot of gastric issues. I like that you share your grocery hauls and the points because it gives me a good idea on what would be a good healthy option for me.

  7. Hi Lala! Can you do a “what I eat in a day” for Weight Watchers? I’m not on weight watchers, because I am too cheap to pay for it. Lol.

  8. I signed up for WW July 14 this year, when I weighed in this pasted Saturday, I lost 8.4lbs in my first week, and got my key ring and 5 lb charm because I lost over 5 lbs.

  9. Have you tied frozen grapes sprinkled with sugar-free jello? I like the red seedless sprinkled with sf black cherry jello.YUM. Tastes like candy and zero points, plus you get your fruit!

  10. Hi LaLa ? I have what those stir fry vegetables before and I really like them!!! I've never tried the veggie tots broccoli and cheese I'll have to look into that!!! Because I love broccoli !! Nicholas would probably eat them do you like broccoli and so do I Michael not so much the only vegetable he likes is corn cream corn and who eat green beans cold and I soak them in raspberry vinaigrette!!! The only time he'll eat vegetables is usually if it's like a stir fry because I guess I don't know why LoL ?No Mushrooms?? Nasty LoL ?Still watching

  11. I have to go grocery shopping on a budget tomorrow so thank you for ideas also deli meat is expensive af but also it’s sooo good and sooo worth it .

  12. Tfs my grocery haul will be up tomorrow. Love these types of videos. I tried Weight watchers I think it’s great but you have to be really really mentally motivated to stick with it. I’ve seen so many of my friends shed off weight from this program. Tfs ????

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