Walk and Run: 10 Minute Walk Blasting Workout



  1. who ever films this totally sucks…work out doesnt match the music in the background… could have been great if there was some uniformity just mis mosh…like him and his energy but put it together thank you

  2. Oh my god nick and rocky, this is awesome exercise…thanks guy for the good exercise…im sexy now….God bless! From the philippines.

  3. Absolutely loving the latest YouTube uploads. Does anyone know what make Rocky’s trainers are? I love them and figure that might make me go faster if I get some :-).

  4. Great fun workout – added it after I did a Leslie 3 mile walk because I still had some energy to burn, and this was the perfect end to the workout.

  5. I am following you from Iraq. Thank you very much for your effort. I love you with all my heart❤️❤️

  6. I love you guys! Rocky I love your energy! Thanks you to all of you I am able to keep it moving, even when I don't feel like it! 😉

  7. Thank you all the beautiful family on week 6 you make me feel so special may God bless you all and keep bringing the new wokrkouts for 2020 coming Christine James I live in Moreno valley .ca I'm 66 yrs old

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