* VSG Post Op * Month 21 * 130 LBS DOWN *



  1. Glad you had a great time! Excited for your upcoming plastics. Dating!?! I swear I would be single forever if not married lol it's just so much work.

  2. Dating is awkward anyways…. date lady. You will become less and less awkward as time marches on. I can relate. I ask my hubby all the time about the continual changes in my body. It's different and I get that.

  3. You’re doing great ♥️ I’m excited for you on getting plastics! The only advice from the bottom of my heart I can give you, is if love comes along don’t shy away from it no matter where you are in your life in other areas. I understand not looking for it when you have other things you’re focused on. As cliche as it is, love often comes around when you’re not looking for it though ♥️

  4. You’ve come such a long way. I love watching your videos. I wish I could give some good advice on dating. I’m excited to see how 2020 goes for you! 💗

  5. You look great Grace! I think your most recent picture totally looks less than your 18 month post op pic. More definition for sure! The mind is a funny thing and sometimes tricks our eyes. You are definitely an inspiration and I love watching your videos. Thank you for sharing your journey.

  6. I always like watching your videos 🙂 I'm trying to get my own plastics scheduled so I'm super interested in that part of your journey!

  7. You are doing fantastic! I am glad you are happy with where you are – you look awesome! So excited for your plastics journey too. I will be in Tumwater for a few days visiting family in December – would love to meet up!

  8. I see a therapist who also a nutritionist. The hospital where I had surgery has a monthly weightless meeting ran by a social worker and nutritionist. They provided a list of therapists that specialize in eating disorders. I wonder if your surgeon or the hospital wls coordinator might be able to provide you a similar type list. It would save you some time from having to vet therapists.

  9. Loved your color scheme with the make-up today 👍
    Can't wait to see how your plastics go. You have been such an inspiration to me and my VSG journey!! Thank you.

  10. Super excited to see the plastics process. That’s something I’m struggling to find info on. Especially for guys. Love the videos. Keep it up!

  11. Those are all great achievements. If I wasn't married and lost all the weight single, I'd be thinking the same way as you.

  12. I think therapy is very important to our long term success. It's worth the effort to find someone. Are you getting all of the excess skin removed? I'm so afraid to do this, so I will be watching!

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