VLOG: Infertility, Opening up Packages + At Home Workout #toimagazine



  1. love your channel!! just wanted to come by and say a little thing that many women don't know about depo; after coming off of depo especially being on it for an extended amount of time it can take a year or even longer to get all of those hormones completely out of your system so while those hormones are coming out of your system is extremely hard getting pregnant during that time. now that your periods are regulating itll be (hopefully) a little easier for you to get prego with a baby Carter 💜💜

  2. Hearing you say that you’re so ready to have a baby makes me SO excited and happy for you! I just turned 20 and had my baby girl 2 months ago. My fiancé and I were in college when we found out.
    I also had very irregular periods, happening every 4-12 weeks, and I was worried about not being able to get pregnant. Well, it happened unplanned! Haha. Don’t give up and keep a positive mindset. You honestly might be surprised. Just be prepared because a baby is WAY more work than I thought haha, but so worth it. Good luck for when you start trying!

  3. Love! More deployment related videos pleaseeee. My honey leaves in a few and I’m a mess

  4. I always thought deep down in my heart that it would take me ALONG time to get pregnant. I was also on birth control for 13 years so I just knew it would be hard. Then once we started trying it shocked us because I got pregnant right away. So I wouldn’t read too much into that “feeling” you may time it just right like we did! : ) (from one military wife to another)

  5. i’ve had a feeling for a while that getting pregnant will be a struggle for me. i hope that it will be easy for you. i’m praying for you and austin on your new chapter! i really can see you guys as parents! and thank you for spreading awareness about this because i’ve never seen anyone talking about this on youtube!

  6. We had problems getting pregnant for years, as soon as my husband deployed and came home I got pregnant, I took CBD oil to help and it worked both times but both were deployment babies must be something with them being gone for so long lol praying for you 😘

  7. I feel you 100% on the whole pregnancy thing. My husband and I have been trying the past couple of months and nothing yet

  8. I totally understand the fear of “what if I can’t get pregnant”? I’ve had 2 miscarriages and at one point I would cry to my husband about how I’m never going to get to be a mom and he would just comfort me (he’s the best!) and I’m so glad I didn’t give up because now I’m pregnant with my rainbow baby! 20 weeks pregnant with my baby boy! So don’t give up on trying or feel discouraged if it takes awhile. All good things are worth waiting for!

  9. Going through the same.
    It’s been awhile but hopefully we’ll have a baby soon too.
    Praying for you and your husband.

  10. Thank youuu for touching on such a sore subject! It’s hard being in a constant battle with your body when it just won’t do what it’s made to do. Lots of prayers for you! #fertilityawaresss

  11. I totally get having a fear of not being able to get pregnant I felt the same way, then I ended up pregnant are first try! Stay positive 😊

  12. My husband and I are currently trying to get pregnant with our first baby! I'm on my 3rd cycle of trying so I'm hoping this my month!

  13. Hey cammie I’ve been watching you since your first YouTube video. I’m only 17 and i didn’t have a period for almost a year. We went to the doctor and found out that i have a tumor on my pituitary gland that was causing me not to have a period. I’ve been taking medicine to make it go down lucky it has gone down. If it wouldn’t have work i would never get to have kids. Which was very scary for me in the future. Because i want them.

  14. I had those EXACT same thoughts about getting pregnant. I somehow told myself I wouldn’t be able to. I ended up getting pregnant at 18(I’m 19 now) . I had a miscarriage unfortunately due to my thyroid . Always make sure your thyroid is in check when trying to have a baby!!(:

  15. I'm currently going through an infertility scare as we speak… As of a couple months ago, my periods have become irregular and are skipping more often as each cycle begins. Last cycle skipped a month and this current cycle skipped 2 months and counting. Im worried it will mess me up when I want to try for babies. 💔

  16. Don’t worry about getting pregnant 💗 me and my sweet husband just found out we are expecting after 9 months of trying. Our dr told us time after time that it is totally normal for it to take couples 6-8 months to conceive. I was worn down and tired of trying. In April I gave it to God, began praying specifically and claiming it. 1 month after doing that daily we conceived. No tricks are proven to work on Jesus 💜

  17. So uh, fun fact. The “sweet love butter” that I rubbed all over my hands was lube. Yes, yes it was. On a good note, it’s great as a hand moisturizer, highly recommend 🤦🏼‍♀️ LOL

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