Vans "No Other Way" Video



  1. People who ware vans just to seem chill and don’t skate are a sin lmao

  2. Am I the only one who is tired of these low-angle fisheyed shots like 3:11? I thought these was a thing of the 90's and early 2000's…. It sucks.

  3. 3:12 that looked like and embankment, I’d love to ride a bank that has stair bumps in the middle instead of a box

  4. Vc pode nao entender de politica , mas por essas e outras , que skaters nao podem ser conservadores. A alma [e transgressora

  5. It’s funny how someone that’s kicking you out of a spot for skating takes it all seriously, and gets mad. It’s like they are shocked that they you came back to skate after demanding you leave before. It’s like they’re upset that you didn’t obey them. For the old man, kicking the skaters out is a big deal that he will remember.
    Meanwhile skaters are used to getting knocked out and hear the same thing over and over. Nothing new, and no I don’t remember it care that you told me “Leave! We could be liable!”
    Don’t worry gramps, skaters ain’t gunna sue you. They aren’t democrats.

  6. do they practice these tricks with safety gear until they'r confident to do them without the safety gear? Messing some of these up would cause serious injury

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