US Army Ranger School – The Toughest Combat Course In The World



  1. I found it more frustrating than anything. Add females to the mix and I would have had all no goes on my patrols.

  2. What's the best branch for a commissioned officer to attend ranger school? Besides Infantry of course, thanks for any info!

  3. Because enough people haven't already said it: If you fail and get more than 2 no-gos on your patrols or are dropped during Darby, you must start the school again. If you successfully pass a phase and move on, you may still be dropped and start from day 0. 

    Exceptions are allowed and normally this is allotted for individuals which must be tabbed before arriving to their unit. (Typically Infantry Lieutenants) And even then, if you were dropped a second time you'd normally have to skip it and be sent to your first unit untabbed, pretty much ensuring you'd never get your Company Commander time. However, what isn't common is failing every phase and being allowed to recycle through the beginning of said phase multiple times. 

    The females were allowed to do this as they failed every phase at least once and recycled every time. Normally, you'd be dropped and recycle from the last phase you failed to complete. If you were dropped again, it would be a while until you were allowed to enter the school again. 

    I knew an e-6 that spent 9 months in GA trying to get to swamp phase but kept having to restart the course from day 0. The females completed Ranger School in a matter of 3 months with at least 3 recycles.

    Ranger School is still one hell of a course but once these females were tabbed after not hitting the mark for equality, the school has lost its credibility.

  4. I don't want to take anything away from the Rangers, they are a great fighting force. However not the toughest course in combat arms.

  5. Tbh all military training is hard no matter what branch. Even if one branch has you do more all of them can be tough to get through but at the end of the day these men and women defend our country and one day I hope to do the same.

  6. Same shit in Australia these days.
    Women who fail initial standards are put on specialised and supervised fitness regimes as they are paid.
    Men who fail initial standards are binned and told to come back in 6 months when they are ready.

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