1. how many seconds and sets for muscle growth from static holds? (FL, BL, Handstand, etc.)

  2. Do you find that partial OAPs have good carry-over to full range of motion? I struggle with the bottom position but I can pull from a 30 degree angle. I have always shied away from not doing full ROM but maybe this one can be beneficial?

  3. Awesome video bro! I'll have to incorporate some of these into my routine👌🏻💪🏻

  4. hey bro just wondering do u not feel itchy with the headphone wire constantly touching the back of ur neck?

  5. Do your mostly prefer weighted bar dips or weighted ring dips. Which one do your prefer most. Its because i have this doubt weather it is possible to reach over 100kg dips on rings.

  6. Micha, do you have tips to go from advanced tuck to next progression in front lever? I am stuck at advanced tuck for 15 seconds.

  7. ey man, you are pretty stong on the weighted stuff but can you do a 5 MD routine (50pulls 100 pushups in under 5 min) ?

  8. Hey mate,
    I've started adding weight to my pull ups and I've been doing 5×5 with 10kg
    Is this a good way to put some size on or should i drop the weight and go for 5×8/10 ?

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