Ultimate Workout Fails | Funny Gym Fail Compilation 2017



  1. 0:21 Maybe he's just lazy😪😪😪
    0:55 When u try to workout for first time Lol
    1:07 What was he doing???
    1:27 MEME CONFIRMED!!!
    2:04 Almost Perfect😆😆😆
    2:12 Dope beat, But fail anyway Lol
    2:28 What was he doing???(AGAIN!?!)
    2:31 Like Above🔼🔼🔼
    2:38 When ur gf is horny, but u're seriously playing games😉😉😉
    3:14 Why he still can say 'YEAH!!!'???
    3:20 No… no… not this time, bro
    NO,PLZ!!! Ahh, comm'on man!!!
    3:46 He's just idle…

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