Ultimate Daily Stretching Routine for Flexibility and Relaxation



  1. would not recommend, for people with tight hamstrings with is horrible, no shaking out the legs or release the muscles all targeting the hamstrings

  2. Day 1 – Felt pretty relaxed after this.
    Day 2 – Sort of getting used to all the stretches. Is helping me fall asleep better I think though.
    Day 3 – The stretches are starting to get easier

  3. Everything feels like jelly after the first session… but it actually feels really good. I'm thinking of doing this every night. Maybe it will improve my flexibility.

  4. I can't reach my toes but I can sit cross legs with no problems (3rd exercise). When Cassey asks us to push the knee down, I'm like 'it's already down😂' and just trying to push it in

  5. I love the big vase. I live on a third floor and I've heard they can help "ground" the apartment because the windows can make you feel a bit floaty.

  6. I came here so I can learn stretching to sleep soundly at night and not be troubled by little kids bothering me during the day

  7. Any tips for being able to reach my toes? I don't even have a straight back while my legs are out in front of me. I have really tight hamstrings and tight lower back.

  8. I was already litting up a candle before she even suggested that, so I felt that was a good start; however, I then realized the music was just so inadequate and distracting. It doesn't fit the video nor its purpose, which is to calm you down for sleep.. 🙁 it's a shame, because I loved the stretches and I think that with a different music to it, the video would be perfect – short, simple, effective 👌

  9. I like to stand by my bed and put one leg at a time on it and then to touch my toes that really helps

  10. this is incredible for me but pleaseeeee I beg for you to upload one just like this but with much more relaxing music❤️

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