Ultimate back and biceps workout – summer shredding 2018


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  1. Hey there Kristine !! Fantastic channel you have going here and congrats on all your success and wishing you the best for even more throughout 2018 and beyond. You're doing a marvelous job with your nutrition, training, and especially Instagram … and absolutely love the thumbnail by the way …. definitely keep on flexing.  💪  hopefully on a video too.  😄  …. I was curious does your training schedule / workout split change from week to week?? ?? … (Like if you did legs on Monday, shoulders Tuesday …. but the next week …. did back Monday, and chest Tuesday)  …. And do you have an all time favorite dessert ?? … Keep going strong and keep on inspiring. 😊 Look forward to following your fitness endeavors here as a new member of the Kristine Offerdal fan club Take care!

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