Ultimate 20 minute Heavy Bag Workout Round 5



  1. Really like your workouts, boss. Thanks for the good stuff. PS — I'm kinda heavy on my feet. Do you have any videos for getting more nimble footwork?

  2. As always. Another great round to kill for! You are a sensei Nate! Thanks a lot! And yes we want that round no.6!

  3. Can I request you to add a quick video on breathing techniques. There are tons of videos on YouTube but no one explains like u do.

  4. This is an awesome routine. More intense than ultimate round 1 to 4 and has more hooks in the rounds. After almost 2 months into punching bag and learning from your videos , I think I have got much better at my left hooks. They are stronger now. Not to mention that I have also introduced the 20 min shredding workout. I am more fit than I have ever been.

  5. Another great workout. Love this channel- Addicted. Can you add the routine in the descriptions such as Round 1: 1-1-2 (1 min), , Round 2. Just a suggestion from a fan!! . It becomes easier to select a video based on the type of workout I want to do on a particular day. Some of the 20 min workouts have lunges or squats and other don't. If I wanted to mix in squats, I wouldn't do this workout and so on…..

  6. Nate, thank you for the videos, I get a great workout every time. But more than a great workout I get proper advice on technique. Which is improving with every video.

  7. Just started hitting the bag at the end of my workouts, glad to find a routine exists so I can not look like an idiot slapping the bag

  8. Love these. Number 6 should include more footwork and head movement. Thanks and keep up the good work!🥊

  9. Nate. you are a great teacher. Superb technique and accuracy watching you strike that bag. Thanks for all the videos. from Wash. D.C.

  10. Nate – what’s your boxing background? Amateur, golden gloves, any pro fights etc?

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