Trying The Victoria's Secret Model "P. Volve" Workout



  1. Awesome video as usual. I would love to know how your body felt the next day or two days after the workout. That is normally when i can tell the effects of a workout on my body. like did you notice any changes? did you feel or look leaner?

  2. Every time he said "butt" it made me wanna turn the video off lmao So uncomfortable and dude bro'esque

  3. 99% of us doing something different , I'm not saying HIIt classes etc is necessary but deff not this (although some things they are doing right).

  4. No more Victoria Secret stuff I’m not interested and they don’t like trans or plus size women so that’s probably why this video isn’t popular. I still love you just don’t want to learn how to look like people who are not inclusive of ALLL people

  5. I love this channel, but I have to say, you can strengthen your ankles and feet with a wobble board and a $3 theraband, with less risk of injury. Also, that ball is straight from pilates and pulsing with a ball is nothing new.

  6. Seems pretty scammy. Like, I never saw a professional fitness trainer who wouldn't shut up about how great your butt is being sculpted and how you have to completely master your body. This includes a lot of dangerous twists to the knees, and I think what really makes them so hurtful is how slowly you do them and how much he won't shut up about it.

  7. Love love love your videos. Hope you never stop challenging yourself and that I can really start challenging myself. Your videos are helping me improve my fitness. Keep up the good work you Goddess of Fitness and Health!

  8. "Get rid of the bunk at the top of the thigh." You mean your quads? You want to not have quads? Lol.

  9. This guy is a closer. Makes up workout and gets a bunch of models to pay him to do it. Um ok

  10. Wow, this was something else! Who knew rotating your foot would give you a whole new workout. This was amazing, definitely will be looking into Pvolve!

  11. That tilted board looks like something that puts a looot of weight on the knees. Sure it mimics the high heels – but those aren't exactly good for your body either.

  12. Pvolve looks like a copy of all other workouts out there with customized equipment.
    I don’t get what’s so special.

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