Try Not To Laugh Challenge #13



  1. 9:34 I wasn't laughing at those patch notes because they're funny. I was laughing because of the absurd things that they let you do before the patch existed!

  2. Can you imagine that graduating on fire scenario?

    Dad: “Son, you better be ready for graduation”

    (Son running around house in flames)

    Son:”DAD, I’M ON FIRE!!!”

    D: “Well isn’t that a bitch? Get your ass going.”


    D: “I don’t give a shit. We paid too much money for your damn education. Get your ass to school now or I’m changing the WiFi password.”

    S: “….fine.”

    (Goes to school engulfed in flames)

  3. And to this day… she is still screaming at the bear

    Bad luck for the ‘disney’ girl because it is September

  4. Am I the only Army who got an add for BigHit which was BTS's Not Today and watched it all the way through 😂

  5. That bear clip didnt make me laugh that lady was so annpying
    Her voice was so highpiched and whiney

  6. Okay but Mark saying, "Well there's only one way to find out now, isn't there?" has me feeling some kind of way. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  7. Just imagine you pepper spray someone in the eyes so they run in the other way… then you tell them to come back to you after you spray them.

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