1. I'm 59. I have heart failure and I just got my 4th pacemaker on July 3rd. I'm on disability and trying to do keto slowly. I've lost 19 lbs in 2 months. 😁 I have looked up so much on keto and your videos are the best! Thankyou so much and I look forward to watching more!

  2. Great video as always! I am stuck trying to lose this last 50 pounds. But I am starting weight lifting to help the process. Could you do a video weight lifting for beginners? I use the machines mostly just because I don't know much about the weights and don't want to hurt myself

  3. I'm 51 I've beeb on keto since June. i used to be 180 now I'm 165. i fast at 5pm and I'll eat my three eggs around 1pm with guacamole.

  4. For the purpose of this video and specifically when you talk about the foods to eat when breaking a fast, what is the intermittent fasting window? Is it 16:8 or OMAD or longer?

  5. I'm down, losing 106 lbs in 11 months with 20hr IF most days with 1 meal, 1 substantial snack each day. 63 yrs old. I need to take 30 more lbs off, but now that I've started working out at the cardio pulmonary facility, I'm gaining muscle and the scale won't budge downward, in fact I've gained 5 lbs. 😰 I'm on 02, have A-FIB, so will not do long fasts. Keto is an amazing tool. Each individual needs to educate themselves and listen to their body's cues. It's the BEST anti-inflammatory way of eating and living we have.

  6. I am almost 55 and my journey since I was 17, was mostly surgeries, walking on crutches, plate and screws, radiation…you name it! I started developing tumor in my ankle and because of many surgeries I was told only left option was below the knee amputation. I went to the doctor few months ago with my leg inflamed and in excrutiating pain. Doctor told me amputation is necessary because it is ridiculous that I am still using leg that was supposed to be amputated 20 years ago. Then I looked at my other leg that was supposed to be healthy…it was swollen like a balloon! Something wasn't right and sure I was right! Because of my stress, pain and immobility I gained so much weight! I had 202 punds. I decided to do something about it, thinking if I have amputation it will be easier if I am not so heavy. Little did I know…first week on keto, swelling in my legs disappeared! I started feeling better, hunger is gone, shaking and fainting gone, finally I felt I am in controll. It's been 9 weeks. I lost 27 lb, from size 18 to size 10 but most importantly, I can walk pain free, no more inflammation in my leg, I am no more carbs addict, I feel so liberated. I cancelled surgeon appointment and for the first time in my adult life started enjoying life! I say no to the carbs with the pleasure. I want ME to look good, not the food I am eating!

  7. Hi Doctor Nick,
    I really like your videos and your recipes are delicious. However, keto is not working for me and I'm feeling depressed about it. Everyone around me that is doing keto have great results and I'm doing the same as them. It's been 4 weeks since I started my keto journey and I only lost 4 lbs, about 3 lb only on the first week. I was really happy about it, but then the following weeks, I didn't see much change on the scale and it's getting me very stress. I even started doing longer fasting hours and I'm not eating that much, just a bulletproof coffee and dinner. When I check my blood with keto mojo, I have good ketones levels (2.4, 2.1) but yet I don't see any improvement on my weight or my measurements. One thing that I am getting really worried about is that I haven't used the bathroom in about a week. I feel bloated and unhappy. I'm even exercising about 3 times a week, but still nothing seems to help me. If there is any advice you can give me, I would really really appreciate it. You are very inspiring and knowledgeable and I thank you for that! I just wish I can also become a Keto Rockstar like the others with their amazing success stories.


  8. Dr. Nick. Any thoughts on the YouTube video by Violin MD subtitled Does Keto Diet Kill. It was posted back in August of 2018 but sent to me by a family member who is concerned about my being on a keto diet. The study she referrences? Would be curious on your take on it. Please post a response video to it.

  9. I eat plenty of dairy. Always fermented such as cheese and kefir. I make my own kefir out of grass fed, full fat milk. I ferment it to the point that is separates. There is little to no sugar remaining. Is this going to spike my insulin because of the whey? I am keto with kefir for well over a year and feel great. Your video makes me think I should stop the kefir. I drink 8 to 12 oz of kefir daily and love it. I do OMAD 3 to 5 days a week and never eat more than twice a day. I sometimes etend fasts to 2, 3 , 4 days and sometimes do carnivore for 3 days.

  10. I have a question? I'm 4 weeks into keto ,blood ketones. 06 to 3.5 test once a week .my problem is I'm up every two hours to urinate. Will this continue.

  11. Dr, once again excellent video! What are your thoughts on intermitent fasting every day vs intermitent fasting somedays? Some people suggests that if you intermitent fast every day you're going to plateau because your body is going to adapt and adjust your bmr. So a better approach would be always shock your body with different eating patterns… What do you think?

  12. Hey Dr. Nick! Can you please do a video on women over 40 or 50 on Keto and intermittent fasting? I have watched a ton of videos about this and am getting mixed messages. Some say don't go over 14 hours other say 12 hours. so can you set the issue straight and do one yourself? I'd really appreciate and I am sure all the other women out there will too. Thanks 🙂

  13. Hi Dr. Nick,
    I love your site. I'm 56. 57 in a couple of months. I started the Keto w.o.e. on March 3rd of this year. I was 345 lbs my size 50" waist jeans were getting too tight ugh. I said that's it I'm all in with this w.o.e. It's been 210 days and I've lost 118 lbs. I'm 226 lbs now. I want to get to 200 lbs. I can't believe how much I've lost in such a short time. I I.F. every day and stay strict keto I flood my mind with everything health and fitness. Your videos have been with me from day one. Thank you Dr. Nick you have been my 2nd home PCP

  14. hi! i hace 7 weeks on keto and 14 lbs down but actually one week ago im stuck on the same wight… im 10 pounds to my goal and then keeping it as a lifestyle ( love keto) but i dont know what to do, i am not snacking, eating like 2 times a day and nothing … las week had some woman hormonal issues and was actually craving some sweets, i did some pancakes, muffins keto friendly and counting carbs i do t know if that was the problem, right know im not counting my macros i dont know if that have something to do… just trying to stay low carb and not that high in fat as the beginning… please if you can give me any advice i will apreciate it

  15. I been learning Keto. I've gone 4 weeks so far but i want to go cleaner and cleaner. Im at 25g of carbs a day. What does it mean to me if i want to eat more greens because they are hi in carbs? A lot less food?

  16. Dr. Nick;

    I started this Keto journey weighing in at 355 lbs. I’ve been Type2 diabetic since 1999 which had continuously gotten worse each year even though I ate the way I was instructed to eat for Diabetes. I had a heart attack 7/2/2016 and had 4 stents put in (in 2 locations). I grew up in a family where we were taught/told everything should be NO FAT or LOW FAT and to eat lots of fruits and whole grains.
    After my heart attack I knew something had to change! I researched EVERYTHING I could find about “How to reverse/cure Type2 diabetes” and the data kept coming up with the same results, Paleo and Keto seemed to be a common course. I looked into both and decided to try Keto.

    I asked my doctor about Keto and he advised against it stating it was a fad, it’s not sustainable, it’s unhealthy and will damage my organs. I told him “no offense, but what you have me doing is not sustainable because it’s killing me!” I started Keto and returned to my doctor every 60 days to have my numbers checked. Everything kept getting better!

    After a year of doing Keto we had to move to another state where I went and visited with a doctor. In getting established we talked about my medical history and diet and when I told him I was doing Keto his response was “Didn’t you already have one heart attack???” I told him yes, that’s why I’m doing Keto… so I don’t have another one!! Same plan of action, return every 60 days to have everything checked and amazingly enough, EVERYTHING IMPROVED!

    At first I will admit it was dirty Keto for sure. But on about my 5th day I had a low blood sugar that I hadn’t seen in YEARS! I knew I was onto something.

    As time progressed I continued to streamline and improve my Keto diet and as I did the results got better and better!!! My only goal was to lower my blood sugars, I was not concerned about losing weight, but wow did I…

    I’m currently 215, I’ve reversed my Type2 diabetes and most of my health issues have gone away! My waist has gone from 46” to 32”. I’ve gone from 4X shirts to a recently purchased MEDIUM! I’ve been on NO MEDS for over a year now.

    I’m attaching photos of before and after and of the medications I used to take EVERY DAY…

    In all of my visits over all the years with all the medical problems not once did a doctor ever ask what my diet consisted of, they only treated my symptoms and were all too happy to write prescriptions for me to take…

    Thank you to you and the few other doctors out there willing to truly help the general population with your knowledge and truthful information!


  17. Thx for saving all of us. You are God given. I have 2 questions: Can I drink green tea, water, coconut water, wheat grass powder during workout? Can I drink acv + Himalayan salt+lemon before workout?

  18. Another winner. IF is THE missing key to weight loss. I hope you know the VAST majority of your subscribers likely love your special style. Please continue to be true to yourself. I wish you tremendous success with your new Ultimate Keto teaching course. Have a blessed and fruitful week.

  19. So running/walking on an empty stomach will burn more fat?? I thought u needed food in ur system for ur metabolism.

  20. Love your videos! I recently completed a 72 hour fast and researched how to break the fast. I broke my fast with 4oz of bone broth, after 1/2 hour 4oz chicken breast and then no intake for 12 hours for maximum benefits. Is this incorrect?

  21. I exercise at home. Rebounding, dumbells, misc exercises and walking. I can't afford a gym membership now. Should I buy heavier dumbbells? Mine are 5 lbs. Thanks for the information. ♡ to you and Katy!

  22. I started doing all this keto and fasting over 5 months ago…..lost 25 pounds in 2 months. But the last 3 months absolutely nothing. I am beginning to think this whole thing is BS. As much bs as the lower your calories. I keep hearing about the science and quite frankly its pissing me off. I have IF the entire time between 16-22 hours, had some longer ones too. I eat big salads 4-5x week. I make my own frickin mayo too! I cant lose a GD pound and I'm 270-275!!! I am feeling lied to about the science lately. So when I watch this video, I get mad.

  23. Loving your channel.
    New to KETO and so interested in learning.
    Can't find the belly fat video.
    Could you please put the link in the description?
    Started about a month ago and my belly is down about 5 inches!
    At first I was doing low carb now I'm getting more information and understanding how to get healthy carbs from veggies.
    I'm also learning (the hard way) that maltodextrin, dextrose and maltitol is the devil and is in so many things that I've seen other people call "Keto friendly" on other channels.
    I know some people do "dirty keto" and lose weight.
    I think we can all afford to eat better than that.
    I may have to start making my own recipes for things that I like but contain those ingredients.
    I ate summer sausage last night with no carbs or sugars BUT it had dextrose.
    How can the FDA get away with this?
    We should ALL start writing letters to the powers that be.
    Seriously frustrated.
    Thanks Dr. Nick

  24. My last meal ends usually between 1-2pm. I am still feel full even before I go to bed. My eating window is normally 3 hrs or 2 hrs.
    My stomach has gotten so small that I can’t eat too much.
    Love keto and IF.
    Thank you dr

  25. I think fasting has lowered my metabolism. I was losing weight slowly but surely on keto until I started fasting. OMAD+ I was within 20 lbs of goal weight. Now I am gaining weight. I think it pushed me over a threshold and my body has reverted to hibernation mode. Grrr

  26. Hey, I am 72 and started Keto on March 13, 2018. I have lost 70 lbs. from 232 to 162. I added IF and an occasional extended fast (5 days) over a year ago. I was able to reverse pre-diabetes and eliminate high blood pressure during the first few months. I feel great and have been able to take daily walks of 2.5 to 3 miles a day.

  27. Hey brother, I'm enjoying your videos. I love the science behind it but I love how you communicate and I love that you love God. I wish I could ask you some other questions. I'd love to know your take about prostate health and keto or other nutritional solutions.

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