Tone & Sculpt the Back Workout



  1. i was wondering about the caloric deficit thing… cause then what about the whole "more weight, less reps=muscle growth" and "less weight, more reps=fat burning" Is that all just a myth and its only about the calories you take in? please let me know! I've been trying to trim my back for a while, but I always find conflicting research that throws me off

  2. Love the way you love her! A woman who is loved that way will just radiate beauty/love. God bless you both. Great workout! Doing this today:)

  3. Thanks so much for staying consistent with the posts you guys really do help me stay motivated and go to the gym!! Love you guys ❤️

  4. Im new to the gym I just started on Monday! But agh I don’t really know how to use gym equipment or what workouts to do:( I really want to build my legs and my booty, but I’m so lost😂☹️ helppp any tips! I will be buying your 3 month plan sooon! But I want to get familiar with everything first☹️

  5. The way he treats her should be the way men treats the ladies. Not be wasting our time with losers and time wasters.

  6. Please upload videos for triceps and inner thighs. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  7. Thanks guys love your videos will do this next time at the gym ! Every time I don’t feel like working out you guys give me some kind of encouragement to do so and keep at it on my weight loss journey ! ❤️❤️❤️🍑

  8. Thank you from Thailand for Video this will help me a lot with my upper body day!! you guys so sweet, love to see you together ❤️

  9. Tube top to the gym 🤔 that’s a first for me! I’d be wearing all kinds of pasties 😊

  10. I really like the way you describe the workouts, thanks for uploading so frequently!

  11. Ya’ll are so cute 🥺😭❤️ thank you for your videos they have really helped me in my back workouts. For 6 weeks I worked out my back but never sweated or felt sore after. Once I started imagining a pencil in between my back…. life changing! Thank you!! Using this video tomorrow on back day 🔥

  12. I weigh 150lbs I want to lose weight then gain muscle after. I wanna weight 100lba first then gain 50in muscle. Any recommendations please? How can I lose fat fast? I have a bigger Apple body. I’m 5’5 female.

  13. Awesome workouts!! The explanation and visual presentation makes it hell of a lot easier to follow. Definitely going to incorporate in my next workout!!!
    LOVE the confidence you guys have independently, as two individual people but also the confidence you guys have as a couple! Much love xoxo

  14. You guys put out rich content and make good videos get paid for it adequately. Length of videos are perfect you just need to add commercials. Commercials is how you make money on you tube. 1 video with 3million views and zero commercials made not as much money as a video with 500k views and 5-6 commercials. Your audience pay out also varies. For example a view in America is worth more versus a view in the Philippines, this is a fact… for YouTube paycheck. Just giving you guys idea so you guys get fully compensated🧡✌🏽🤑🤑. I am no YouTuber but I am educated in the industry

  15. Love your videos and all your information in them! I have your gym workout program and I’ve seen great results! Just wondering if you will be coming out with any other workout programs anytime soon??

  16. Can Africa tell us about who named her,and how they came up with her name? I really like her name,and think that it is very unique and different, I never met a white girl named Africa,actually I've never met anyone named Africa🤔

  17. The meaning of her back tattoo is so amazing

    Can you do back workout at home using dombles or bars please

  18. Can you put a link to Afrika's sneakers? They look like Nike Airmax, but I'm not sure of the name of the colorway.

  19. I’m scared for her😂 I was thinking her boobs were gonna fall out! But their pretty lifted up there. Mine would’ve fell out after( 4 kids later) 😂🤦🏻‍♀️😂 you go girl 🙌🏼

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