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  1. This information is a answer to my prayers. I now understand how much vegetables I need to eat when eating grains with my dinner 馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦

  2. I bought the jaggery today and I love the taste. Thank you for sharing this wonderful awesome teaching presentation.馃憢馃徎馃憢馃徎馃憢馃徎馃憢馃徎馃憢馃徎馃憢馃徎馃憢馃徎鉁嬧湅鉁嬧湅鉁嬧湅鉁嬸煈嶐煆金煈嶐煆金煈嶐煆金煈嶐煆金煈嶐煆金煈嶐煆金煈嶐煆

  3. Sabah, you are truly an inspiration to me. I was eating a lot of grains and having a lot of problems. I can鈥檛 to get my book and wet pack.

  4. After approximately 4 weeks of practicing the 16 hour fasting, I am experiencing loose motion-like condition. Its been a week now that my motions have become smooth but at the same time I get stomach ache thrice or four times a day..

    Is it really due to intermittent fasting? Due to the cleansing process? Or do I need to consult a doctor?

  5. Thank you so much for this amazing and informative video.馃檹
    Can you suggest diet plan and explain the body metabolism for athletes and growing children?

  6. Mam, I have a hair problem. I have an oily scalp. My hair becomes very oily within 2 days after hair wash. It's getting thinner day by day plus growing white how should I deal with that greasy hair and which diet should I follow.

  7. I am too skinny and i am suffering from many diseases also pcod, tumor……can i eat these foods?

  8. I didn't get the diet plan.. there is another video where u r suggesting to have 16 hours of fast which include breakfast time. Means no breakfast at all.. and in this video you are suggesting breakfast diet plan.. don't contradict yourself please

  9. Hi subha hope you are doing well. I鈥檓 soo motivated to watch on your video. Im suffering from allopecia areata can this diet still treat this

  10. Coconut milk caused me severe constipation . Then I started taking 1 glass of warm unhomogenised non pasteurised organic cow milk with 1 tablespoon of Ghee every night and my constipation problem cured completely within 2 – 3 days

  11. Mother Nature didn鈥檛 told us to cook anything . She has given us everything raw ( I mean ripened in sunlight ) . So shall we stop cooking everything ?

  12. Hello mam. I HV been fallowing Ur plan since few days m feeling much better. N now one of my friend also wants to fallow it.. he is already on herble life product. N also wants to join gym.. hw can he use dis diet for gym and with herbal life product. Plz reply

  13. good video madam, I am vegetarian from 5 yr and always have b12 deficiency can you tell me the good source of vit b12. it will be great if you made this video in Hindi also.

  14. Ms Jain, your video was awesome.Just tell me one thing ,can I have hot water with lemon juice as the morning detox drink?

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