This Audience Love Connection Could Not Be More Perfect



  1. Just like you guys want your girls to work really hard on their bodies to look the best but you cant say that, they also want you to work really hard on yourselves to be the richest but they can’t say that

  2. This is crash coarse in confidence. Just go with it. I’d just say, “Gorgeous, this might be the last night we ever see each other. So, let’s do everything tonight like it was our last night”. Drop The Mike!

  3. Everybody saying gold diggers.

    But when is a man really supposed to be good looking?
    Yeah we have to be masculine and have sex appeal, I agree. But a strong man with money ,and assist, respect can get him laid way easier than a good looking guy.

  4. Ze man lika beauty-ze woman lika wealthy. I kidding I kidding! I joke I joke! O forget it, I tele truth😀!

  5. Some real man go to him and take her away from that stupid gold digger, save his money, feelings and marriage life. Come on now.

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