Thigh Thinner Workout – SHAPE UP & TONE YOUR LEGS | Rebecca Louise



  1. Hi rebecca..come to Alberta..lake almost same n breath taking view like dz one

  2. Can we focus just this legs workout, or we should do your different legs workouts ? Which one is a better way ? This is my favourite legs workout . <3

  3. beautiful you and scenery, too long in that mountain climber/lift position. made me want to quit but I did jumping jacks instead

  4. I usually feel uncomfortable with working out copying people but copying rebecca is so easy and the words of encouragement keep me pushing until the end

  5. amazing worlout! though for me was a bit tough doing cardio ..might be its for the first time! thans!

  6. Thank God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! may God be with you and us all in the mighty name of Jesus Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Will this exercise routine affect my hip size? If this exercise will reduce hip fat then can you make a routine that will not effect hip and only work on thigh?

  8. So I’ve been trying to slim my thighs since October, by alternating between a jog one day and your thigh workouts. However, my pants are actually getting TIGHTER. Other areas like my arms and stomach are shrinking, but not thighs. Does muscle soreness bring swelling? Should I stop the exercising? So confused…

  9. Can you possibly do a video that targets upper glutes and the whole front of your thighs not many videos that target that specifically. Loved the video!

  10. Rebecca Louise you are always such a delight to see,  always look forward to seeing what you will be wearing. As always you look wonderful. love your workouts keep it up

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