The Work: A Two Hour Intensive | Byron Katie | Wisdom 2.0 2018 Breakout Session



  1. Not knowing their pain, now that is EXACTLY what we need to ask those in our lives. Not focusing on ourselves but caring about those closest to us. BINGO!!

  2. with truly abusive types of people it is sometimes necessary to be your own guard dog and bark at them til they fear attacking you, reasoning with, or being kind to or empathic with/to a true bully will only lead to them feeling they can abuse you MORE. The bullying only stops when the victim takes a stand. Sometimes wisdom IS to show the abuser THEY will get hurt if they continue the abuse. After you have drawn the line they can not cross THEN dialogue can happen, but her approach of be nice to abusive types is naive and very dangerous, i speak from experience..i used to get physically attacked nearly every time a group of people saw me, for YEARS..i tried to reason with them and deal with it in a kind way but the abuse continued.. They only stopped attacking me when i physically fought back and totally BATTERED one of them, then the rest of them feared me and i actually got treated nicely by everyone in that environment and they respected my boundaries for the first time in YEARS. THEN i had peace. After making a stand. Trying to respect them and be compassionate before then actually led to MORE people in that environment attacking me as they thought it was safe to abuse me (and often other victims of the abusive types would become abusive to me to be accepted by the abusive ones so me being kind to them INCREASED my troubles). Once i fought back that abuse of me stopped, before i fought back i was a victim of physical and emotional abuse for YEARS.
    Her approach is naeive when it comes to dealing with truly abusive bully types, they will not stop out of compassion for you when you show them respect after they abuse/bully you, they will keep attacking you MORE if you are kind to them.

  3. I am worthy of love, mother love,
    father love,
    loving myself, living myself,
    Gods love All,
    Love & support of friends.
    😰 😪 😍

  4. the mother was not emotionally available and this unfortunately is what children go to all the time as they had no empatic parents either, so they suppressed their own feelings and are scared to be confronted with their childs pain(emotional). It doesn't mean she didn't love her daughter, but she was not emotionally available and supportive for her daughter.this one is a bad example for the work, as this young woman NEEDED an available mother who would be more interested in her daughter when she was suffering in stead of keeping her focus on the dinner. I would have felt exactly the same as this young woman. She needs to talk to her mother to tell she has been missing this emotional presence of her. A parent has to pay attention to the emotional needs of the child. If they are cared for they will grow up to be strong adults, other wise they will continue to look for someone else to lean on. This is a very important to feel parents who are available and supportive.

  5. Omg i cannot hear anymore this is ridiculous … i have to write a book now bc this is deviating people to listen to their thoughts instead of their feelings .

  6. This ….. ? No. Working with the girl and her mom was not a fit for this work – however, the tender work of healing through self love and the acceptance that each of us, ourselves, is our own work and path of healing. We can not change others, but we can truly and deeply learn to love & accept ourselves – “that” is “the work”

  7. I see many comments stating that she was too hard on the first subject. Byron Katie knows exactly what she's doing and she knows someone who cloaks themselves in their victimization. Her approach is forcing this young lady to examine her own expectations and to learn how to manage them. The idea that children can't do for themselves is a lie we've taught our kids far too long. I don't see where this was cruel in any way. Who would you be if you couldn't blame mom anymore? The idea that a parent is supposed to helicopter around their child and find all of their needs for them creates codependent and emotionally crippled and insecure children.

  8. Is anyone else's mind fighting them and doesn't want to stay anchored in the feeling?? Writing this comment is a pretty good way for my mind to be distracted I've just noticed 😉

  9. I feel this is transposing adult responsibility to care for their young onto the child. This psychology works well with adults but it is never a child's responsibility to think like an adult or to self-soothe the lacks and abuses caused by the adults in their world.

  10. I'm sorry but I do not get this at all. That poor girl has been basically told to grow up! Sometimes little girls need their Mums love and kindness and to listen to them when they are hurting, why? Because they are just little girls and love is all they ask, they don't need a valid reason because they are only kids. What else is a good Mother's role? Byron has basically sided with the Mother without even knowing her. There are bad mothers you know! Who is projecting now? So basically do the turn around and make yourself the guilty party! Sorry for being a kid and wanting my mother’s comfort, it was all my fault! Great Advice! I'm not surprised the work did not work for that poor girl, she has been worked alright (brainwashed). Of course a hug can work, what nonsense! I understand the ego needs work, however, being a droid is not the way and you can't expect a kid to understand.

  11. The girl in the red shirt is mad because her mommy didn’t give her more cookies. She spoilt (no troll tho)

  12. The Work helps, it really helps. It breaks something in your brain, it brings you from illness to the truth.
    I am so greatful to this sweatheart named Katie ✨💝✨.
    Your thoughts are fake news, oh yes.

  13. This Lovely Lady saved my life.. I LOVE & ADORE the Work & Byron Katie..Thank you wonderful Lady ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  14. I think this gets unhealthy with heavy leading… Also we don't know the age of the girl in the memory that the first subject is referencing… and a child truly does need help from an adult and emotional support from a parent.. She was just trying to lead her out of the feeling and this isn't necessarily good if you make the subject take complete responsibility, especially if they were being emotionally or physically abused.. What is your response to if the subject is confronting an abusive person in early life on this sheet?

  15. How wonderful it would be if Wisdom 2.0 could do at least 4 of these a year, with Byron Katie, and post it on their channel.  Much better than the snippets of Byron Katie here and there on the internet.

  16. 1. In this situation, who angers, confuses, saddens, or disappoints you, and why?
    I am with because
    emotion name
    Example: I am angry with Paul because he doesn’t listen to me .
    2. In this situation, how do you want them to change? What do you want them to do?
    I want
    Example: I want Paul to see that he is wrong. I want him to stop lying to me. I want him to see that he is killing himself.
    3. In this situation, what advice would you offer to them?
    Example: Paul should take a deep breath . He should calm down. He should see that his behavior frightens me . He should know that being right is not worth another heart attack .
    4. In order for you to be happy in this situation, what do you need them to think, say, feel, or do?
    I need
    Example: I need Paul to hear me when I talk to him. I need him to take care of himself. I need him to admit that I am right.
    5. What do you think of them in this situation? Make a list. (Remember, be petty and judgmental.)
    Example: Paul is unfair, arrogant, loud, dishonest, way out of line, and unconscious.
    6. What is it about this situation that you don’t ever want to experience again?
    I don’t ever want.
    Example: I don’t ever want Paul to lie to me again . I don’t ever want to see him ruining his health again .

  17. I wish I would have known about this video before paying 75 euros to leave her Paris event two hours into it.

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