The Truth About Organifi – Green Juice Review



  1. question: i've heard that people, in addition to herbal teas and water, use green juice during prolonged fasting, which doesn't interfere with the ketosis process. what do you think about this? thanks…LR.

  2. I just purchased the product for the first time hope I enjoy it as much as you do the only thing I don't like is the shipping price is 1/3 of the actual cost of the product

  3. Excellent, objective, and informative review. My only critique would be describing the subscription service on the Organifi site as “innovative.” But certainly pointing out The fact that he actually instructed people to stop and think of something they’re grateful for in the packaging is pretty impressive and THAT, I would say, is quite refreshing, and nearly-innovative for being unexpected from a product of any nature😊. But great job, man and I hope your gyms continue to be successful as well.

  4. Thank you.for the useful informations .i got the green juice ,didnt try it yet ..
    So ,what s the best time to drink it . ?

  5. i feel something in my throat when swallowing it. i dont know why but i thought it easy to desolve

  6. It doesn't say how much of each ingredient is in it. It also says : Store in a cool dry place. Then is says refriderate after opening, and use with in 90 days.. in writing so small ,you can hardly see it. Why is that? WHY DON'T THEY PUT THAT INFO IN LARGE PRINT ,. LIKE THIS? Also, what is it that gives that instant boost? The only things I know of are sugar, caffeine, guarana, or anfedimines. Does this stuff contain nicotine.? I've tride if for four days so far.. and take at about 1:30 pm, and it causes me to have insomnia.. There's something fishy about this stuff, and it's not noted on the container. I don't think that informercial guy is telling the truth.

  7. It says it can expose you to Cadmium which is known to cause cancer?? I wish i had read that part of the label before buying it any info on that before i open it

  8. I think drew canole is not "Natty" – and I am skeptical of his advice and products.

    laid out some of this in an old video linked here

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