The Top 5 Keto Myths with Dr. Jockers | Podcast #184



  1. Keto lowered my thyroid and metabolisim. I feel very cold as someone put ice on my legs and feet. Plus no weight loss until I do a cheat day When I cheat I gain energy and my mood get better and I lose weight! Any help?

  2. His recommendations for meat consumption for cancer patients sounds like Dr. Ron Rosedale’s thoughts on protein and mTOR

  3. This moron says he recommends a micronutrient rich Keto Diet, and that's why recommends eating more Vegetables! How DUMB. If you compare, pound for pound, the most nutrient dense foods on the planet are MEATS. And this any IDIOT can Google up! Add to that the FACT that Plant nutrients are FAR LESS BIOAVAILABLE, and you just know, these "Functional Docs" are just as deluded as the regular docs! P.s. Plant Foods come with the added "advantage" of being full of anti nutrients like Lectins, Oxalates, Phytates, Tannins and on and on! 🙄

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