The Top 5 Keto Fast Food Restaurants + What to Order



  1. I don’t get why some people have a problem with taking pictures or videos. Are you that insecure?? Now if someone is being a creep then yeah, say something but they are making a fucking YouTube video for Christ sake 😂😂😂
    She just mad because she asked them to pull up and she thinks they are getting her for that😂😂😂

  2. I hate when they tell u to pull a side while they need to check the menus what a fuck up service, she is so rude

  3. WAWA gas/conviency food stores have GREAT salad options. I like the cobb salad. $5 and very filling! I rather use my own dressing at home, but if on the road I go for the Cesar salad dressing because it is the lowest carb.

  4. honestly i haven’t ate kfc over 10 years simply because their food sucks and their service is also trash

  5. "Horrendous experience" you are definitely exaggerating if we saw the whole thing. A little impatient to ask you to drive up but certainly not rude in any way. Public cameras are one thing but she has every right not to want to be in your video. You are showing this to thousands of viewers and earning money which means you should get consent.

  6. You two are so disconnected from the reality of probably half of the people who search for, and watch videos like yours. Most people don’t have the time or the MONEY to eat anything other than “poor quality food”, as she so graciously put it. You get paid to post videos of yourself on YouTube. If you ain’t cutting the lady at KFC check, you shouldn’t be recording her…you two elitist jerks!!

  7. I went to Wendy's and they have a grilled chicken avocado blt. I got it with a lettuce "bun", ranch on the side and I chose the caesar salad instead of fries and a (diet) coke zero. It was almost $11, but it was tasty without the ranch dressing and it filled me up. I'd rather just prep my own version of this at home, but it was a good option as I'd already had a burger that day.

  8. Dammmm that lady crazy it's not illegal to take pics of a menu board or record your man at a drive thru lmao 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  9. "some people just want to go"!!🤣😅🤣So true………they are just angry at the world. You know what they could use? A KETO DIET PLEASSSSSE!!!❤️

  10. I would say all fast food places have unsweetened tea. I love it I brought my kids up on it Not diet tea but straight unsweetened cold tea. That’s something because they were all raised in Tennessee where my older kids were still given sweet tea in school at lunch time They never really took to it. I’m starting keto Monday you guys are great

  11. 5 Guys has a good lettuce burger or burger in a bowl. Best part is that you choose what you want and they have many options.

  12. There really is no excuse for the KFC employee to treat customers like that. Funny thing about "taking pictures" and her objection to that – is go inside of the restaurant and the customers will be on video from a half dozen differing angles. As they say, if you are in public, expect to be on video – maybe someone's Youtube channel. As one who has been on keto for a few months successfully, just eating outside of my house is a bit of a fright.

  13. Just wanna say chick fil a DOES NOT use fillers in their chicken. Their food is some of the freshest we’ll thought out you can get. Sauces, yes gonna have some non keto stuff in there but their chicken is on point👍🏼

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