The Shark Tank Deal To Shed Kilos | Studio 10



  1. I've done be fit food and everything they say in this video is true. The food isn't super crave inducing delicious but is pleasant. After a few weeks I grew to really like the flavour of Vegetables etc. The balance of nutrition must be spot on because aside from weight loss I looked and felt ultra healthy. The trick is to adhere to the program quite strictly – if you fall off the wagon get back on it immediately for your next meal. Junk food will mess with your palate & make you feel sick if you've been on this for a while.

  2. I keep getting their junk mail pitch to my inbox. Came here to check it out I don't see any connection to Shark Tank investors

  3. Claiming great food and the you tell people to put it in the microwave and kill whatever nutrients there is

  4. Yes my name is Debra traster and I ordered your diet pill over 8 days ago and I have not have it yet you took the money out of my bank account but I have not seen anything come in the mail please put my money back or send me the diet pill

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