1. Hi bro! Bro there is something that I could not understand properly. Do we need to do 2 type of exercises right after another. I mean

    INCLINE BARBELL PRESS : 5 X 12-12-12-10-10

    INCLINE ZOTTMAN CURLS: 5 X 12-12-12-10-10

    75-90 SECS REST in this scenario I wanna do INLINE BARBELL PRESS 12 deps and INCLINE ZOTTMAN CURLS 12 deps and then I have a rest for 75 seconds that is 1 set. Is that right? Please, answer me at your earliest convenience.

  2. Great video bro. You might want to put the camera on manual focus so it doesn’t constantly go out of focus every time you move your hands. Not to mention you get a little sound from the lens. 🙏

  3. Damien, workouts are always really on point and painful!! Glad I ran into you! You do personal help and plans?

  4. My shoulders are hurting a lot when I do the incline zottman curls. Is that supposed to happen?

  5. Im having a hard time convincing myself using the lighter weights will make me more cut like him

  6. Thank you great video. I just started using most of the work out at home with my bench and dumbbells.

  7. i really like the way how you right it down so much easier then just memorizing and going to the gym thinking what did he say again… REALLY USEFUL THNX MAN

  8. Love the videos! set your camera on manual focus and it'll stop all that hunting in the first of the video. But for someone only 2 months in to lifting as myself your steps are very helpful 🤘

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