The Perfect Shoulder Workout For Monster Delts



  1. John my left rear delt has always been significantly smaller than my right. My right rear delt is very full where my left dips off. I always train rear delta every week . Also I am right handed. What do you think could be causing this?

  2. My rear delts are burning slightly more today after figuring out the right position and rolling my shoulders foward with dumbbell reverse flies. I did about 15-20 reps and by the time I got to the end, the muscle failed and I held it there for the eccentric motion

  3. thanks alot for all the work you put into your videos. concerning this one i would recommend to not do partials like he did since it looks like he is swinging them a bit too much. maybe instead you could try to increase the time of the eccentric part of the movement. keep up the good work 😉

  4. Straight to the point without bullshit, less talk and more action….keep it up brotha 😎 love it…

  5. Superb video John. May i ask, why did u choose the lower portion of range of motion for the partial rep instead of starting it from the 45 degree angle & then raising it to 90 degree angle for the lateral raise?

  6. I did the rear delt exercise along with a few of your other recommended exercises from your "capped shoulder" workout. I did not think it would work, but it really was great. I actually feel my delts being sore the next day! Thank you!

  7. Nice shoulder workout tried and got a ausome pump thanks for sharing I done some of your workouts they are on point

  8. i have a quastion please.
    my right shoulder is lilte bit lower than my left that a result from incorrect training technique from me?

  9. You da Man 👍, love how everything you do has a reason behind it and is logical rather then trainers these days telling you to lift without an explanation keep it up, iam a big fan

  10. Dude, I feel like I was just fed a new nutritional supplement. Your messages feed my brain. And when I apply them, they work my body like never before.
    Thank You!

  11. I had weak rear delts and decided last year to train them first on my pressing/shoulder day. I wasn't aware that I was doing something right. It just made sense to me to hit them while I was fresh, so I could give them 100%. Sometimes it's nice hearing someone with much more experience validate your methods. Thanks for the great content!

  12. A guy without massive shoulders trying to teach you how to build massive shoulders. Sounds legit.

  13. I’m surprised and disappointed to see you advocating the use of a smith machine over a barbell.

  14. You guys rock going to try the whole routine today.. Seeing result from your capped deltas video and going to try some .more front delt from front dent video..thanks keep the videos coming!!!-

  15. Absolutely love every bit of information that comes outta your mouth I’ve been following u for years and I’m just so dedicated to everything u preach thank you John for everything u do

  16. The lying side lateral raise is great man, whoever first tried that was genius. I think as the traps work as postural muscles (to keep us upright) lying down mostly takes them out of it.

  17. What's the exact advantage of loading heavy on a partial side raise vs. full ROM? I mean sure, you can use a heavier load but only because the force you have to counter is smaller relatively to the weight used right? I.e. the force on the muscle is still the same, but using a heavier weight. I could imagine less involvement of other muscles though? Any clarification would be much appreciated!

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