The Best Science-Based Diet to Build Lean Muscle (ALL MEALS SHOWN!)



  1. So 1 cup of oats… 1 cup in gram is about 340g, that dosent look like 340g, how much gram of oats do you apply to your shake?

  2. Either my diet is wrong or this research doesn't apply to my body type.

    I'm a 138 lbs guy and I was eating 2800 calories before but I didn't gain a single pound. Now I bumped my calorie intake to 3400 and I gained a pound in two weeks.

    My metabolism is probably to high.

  3. Am I right to assume that this is aimed at men and not necessarily the same for females? Almost all research in fitness, especially when it comes to building muscle, is done on all-male groups (I get it, I do scientific research as well. Less variables are just easier to deal with).
    Not meant as a criticism at all, just asking for facts to be sure.

  4. I have a low maintenance, roughly 1400 calories for a male, 1.76m tall, 69kg. Therefore I should be aiming for about 1800 calories?

  5. when doing a caloric surplus for lean muscle mass should you also do cardio or cancel that out?

  6. Man I love training , but I go head dumb when it come to my diet or gaining weight. Right now Im kinda over weight at 250 pounds. Should I lose weight and then build muscle or just pack in the proteins . Yea Im confused :. So right now Im just eating a good breakfast and dinner, while I train. Any thoughts on this, other than "dude you're a idiot"?

  7. I love your videos. Please keep them up!! Does this meal plan not contradict your position on intermittent fasting, where it’s recommended that you can work out in a fasted state? In this video, you mention that protein synthesis in muscles is better if you consume pretty prior to your workout… it’s amazing how confusing all if this can be!! Thanks!!

  8. I am so confused how is your shake 1000 calories I made it and counted and it’s not 1000 calories please explain cause I can’t find how much 1 Cup is

  9. What can i use instead of salmon fish
    Please reply it is not available in india

  10. When lifting 3 times a week……does one eat the above suggestions 7 days a week or only on the work out days. Not an issue for me either way, just wanting to know whats correct. Thanks in advance.

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