1. Superb. There are only three guys I listen to on YT: Daniel, Jeff Cavaliere (AthleanX) and Alan Roberts (EDDF). Occasionally Mike Thurston too. Because all of their content is effective, informative and true. All killer, no filler…

  2. I feel like i needed to hear everything you said in this video. I'm always testing my strength instead of building it, and i need to stop that. Dropping the ego is very difficult for me.

  3. Good advice! Next time, when you show how NOT to do it, it would help if you show on screen why the form is wrong. Beginners might get confused when seeing you do something wrong…

  4. I am absolutely stoked I came across FitnessFAQs!!!!! one of my favorite youtube channels, thank you so much Micheal!!! There are so many other calisthenics channels that either don't cater to nubies or don't go into absolute detail, this channel does both of those things and more! <3 Thank you FitnessFAQs!

  5. Another helpful and quality video. Tip #1 is a game changer for me. Taking my time with easier progressions isn't sexy but it helped me unlock the pistol squat and will apply it to muscle ups now.

  6. this would have been more visualy informative if you'd had red x's for bad maneuvers and green checks for proper. I couldn't really tell which was which without rewinding to be sure

  7. I think kipping 1 or 2 reps at the end of your last set can help, if you concentrate on the eccentric after it. So if i kip a pull up to the top hold position but then slowly release i think it helps a lot.

  8. I like how this video has 300k views,

    3k are people that actually train
    that want to get better
    200k are desperate people that want motivation and get get themselves to workout

    97k are mad crossfit people that put quantity > quality and cant see any gains

  9. What are your thoughts on working with proper form until failure and then squeezing some extra reps through kipping?

  10. ppl need to learn to throw your ego out, your ego can cause you to be out of commission for 3 month. Your 30 second of frame isnt worth it.

  11. I really love your ways of explaining things. I have been lifting for many many years, got "stronger", went from 45kg to 85 kilograms. But last year I injured my back lifting heavy. I took this time as a positive experience and started watching Ido Portal, Movement, Calisthenics, and Dr. Stuart Mcgill who is doing research on the spine…etc I completely left lifting weights and started movement and calisthenics. I could squat 170 kg, but can't touch my toes and do easy pistol squat. I could bench but can"t even do a pick push up. This injury was really an "kick in the butt". Thank you for your videos, taught with clarity and humility (i find), you would make a really good teacher!

  12. Hey Daniel thanks for the tips. Really helpful.
    I only don’t really understand the last one. Isn’t it good to switch exercises once in a while to give a different signal to your body? So that way you’ll create different pathways to grow muscle for a certain move.

  13. that little park is so cool, I wish I there was one I could run to and from near my house. nice tips as well

  14. This was the mistake i made with bench press. I would max out every time.. my shoulder screaming at me was the only thing the stopped me

  15. Started training calisthenics at 320 lbs im 6’2 and pride myself on ROM now im 215 doing weighted dips now 5-6 chinups full scapula activation any tips on front lever build up exercises?

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