Teyana Taylor’s New Dance Workout Is the Only Fitspiration You Need | Vogue



  1. Vogue I dont understand this one I understood the dance she did in kanyes video because it was a workout in a gym but this one… is weird

  2. Is this woman a stripper? What is inspiring about this? Apparently Vogue continues it's descent into sleaze. How sad!

  3. I'm so happy for this beautiful young lady, she is doing amazing things and it's well deserved. 💖

  4. Мабуть батюшка прилюбодействовав перед великим постом .Соблазнився і впав в депресію

  5. Love me some Tay! But my girl def would NOT be dancing round the homies dressed like that lmao. Das fo my eyes only😉

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